Sid Plays Mind Games with Roshni Jamai Raja 26th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sid Plays Mind Games with Roshni Jamai Raja 26th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Roshni has completely changed as she directed cops to beat Sid to an extent seeing which his parents and sister Kritika gets shocked. He has decided to leave her forever and move on also goodbyes his friend & fake wife Anaya too.



Jamai Raja Episode 491 Written Updates

Puja was happening at Naina’s house and Sid came sits in the rituals seeing which Roshni gets stunned. He said that Anaya wants him to sit in it and despite of being injured he came as he loves her a lot. Later Sid distributes Prasad among all and Roshni hand gets burnt as it was hot but he didn’t care as he says that Neel will look after it.

Roshni confronts Sid and says that why are you doing all this as do you think that by making me jealous you will get me back. He says that you are not the only beautiful girl in this world and it doesn’t revolves around you. Sid further says that he has moved on and wants to live a happy life with his wife Anaya.
In the office Ragini and Neel was doing some work they hear some voice as Sid and

Anaya were having romance and he wants to take her to lunch in working hours. Neel says that its office not a park he says that he wants to make every moment beautiful with Anaya as they love each other.

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