Jan 27, 2020

Shocking! Sumit Kadel Gets Threat Calls for Tweeting Against Vikas Gupta

Just a few days have been left before the Bigg Boss 11 finale and its quite evident now that its a 3 horse race for the trophy but among them Shilpa Shinde is getting most of the support from public which is not going well with the Celebrity friends of her rival on the show i.e. Vikas Gupta as they are trying every dirty cheap trick in the book to defame her but again and again they are getting a befitting reply from the public.

Well there are only a few Celebrities and known faces who are supporting Shilpa Shinde and are showing the courage to go against Mr. Vikas Gupta despite of his huge influence in the industry and one of them is famous critic Sumit Kadel.

Sumit Kadel recently posted a tweet revealing that he is also getting calls from many Celebrities requesting him not to tweet against Vikas Gupta and this is what he tweeted :

Well if this is really true than its quite shameful and we have a clear message for all these people who are indulging in such cheap tactics just for the sake of a reality show that its public who is the biggest boss outside and if you people become successful in making your Boss the Winner of Bigg Boss 11 by using influence and power even then public will never forgive you.

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