Shocking : Roopal Tyagi Evicted From Bigg Boss 9 Rimi Sen is Safe

Well here we have the second surprising eviction in Bigg Boss 9 as Roopal Tyagi got eliminated from the Salman Khan hosted controversial reality show. But even in this the shocking news is that Rimi Sen is safe this week and that too with the highest number of votes.



Well on Sunday’s wwekend special episode of Bigg Boss 9 all of you will get to see Salman Khan saying to Rimi Sen that Bigg Boss is too much impressed with her and he decided to give her a direct ticket to finale and now she has to be in the house for next 3 months. This made Rimi so angry. She said that Endemol is trying to harass her. She wants to leave the house but the production house is just doing the opposite. After all that rant, Salman couldn’t hold his laughter for too long. He admitted that they were just playing prank on her. Rimi bursts into tears saying this is not the way to joke around with someone.

Salman finally revealed that this week Rimi got the highest votes in the house and she is safe from eviction.

Now its between Aman and Roopal and Salman then calls Roopal to come and join her on stage as her journey in Bigg Boss 9 house ends.

Roopal Tyagi Eliminated From Bigg Boss 9

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