Shani 6 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Takes Shukracharya Side

Shani 6 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Takes Shukracharya Side :- Chakravaat came to Vishwakarma palace Shani Dev tries his level best to save his mother from it but all his efforts go in vain Kakol went to call Surya Dev for help suddenly Dand started calling Shani Dev again he picks it up points it towards Chakravaat and screams destroys it completely and saved his mother while she was falling down.


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Shani Dev alias Karam Phal Daata reality came in front of both Indra Dev and Shukracharya also Vishwakarma then Indra Dev again started plotting and tells Shukracharya that Shani is a Dev and will definitely favour Devtas in future but he has not trusted him and go to Mahadev for further answers of all this queries.

Shukracharya asked Mahadev why you kept it secret for so long that Shani is Karam Phal Daata he says that it will take time for him to become Karam Phal Daata till that time it will remain unannounced. Shani Dev decides to find out who is the actual culprit behind sending Chakravaat to Vishwakarma palace and went to Indra Dev palace.

At Indra Dev palace Indra Dev tries to manipulate Shani Dev that Shukracharya is the real culprit and you should punish him then he says that he will think about it then Indra Dev manipulates Surya Dev and he immediately decides to punish Shukracharya but Shani Dev came there and took Shukracharya side and decides to fight his case.

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