Shani 5 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Saves his Mother

Shani 5 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Saves his Mother :- Shani Dev with his mother went to Vishwakarma palace to spent some days there the weapon of Shani Dev ‘Dand’ starts calling him he hears its voice in his absence Vishwakarma questions Chhaya who are you as I know you are not my daughter she tells him the whole truth that his daughter Sangya has created her and she is her shadow he says I have to tells Surya Dev about this she asked for one chance to tell Shani the truth he agrees.


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Shani Dev went to the Vishwakarma lab along with Kakol he saw all his weapons invented by him there then Dand again started calling him he goes towards it and it started to light up he was about to pick it but Chhaya came from behind she says I want to tell you something she was about to reveal the truth but suddenly the Chakravaat came and captures her.

Indra Dev and Shukracharya saw that and was waiting for Shani Dev to pick up Dand Shani Dev tries his level best to save his mother but he failed again and again Shukracharya was about to stop Chakravaat but Indra Dev throws the bowl away then they both started fighting with each other.

After doing so much of efforts Shani Dev again tried to do something suddenly Dand started calling him again he runs towards it lifts it up then screams loudly and destroys Chakravaat. Mahadev, Lord Vishu and Lord Brahma gets happy seeing this even Vishwakarma gets happy knowing that his grandson is Karam Phal Daata.

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