Shani 13 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Warns Indra Dev

Shani 13 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Warns Indra Dev :- Court hearing starts Naradmuni was being introdced as the judge he hears both sides arguments and soon Shukracharya was being announced as the culprit Chhaya allows Shani Dev to go to the courtroom as she wants him to be independent Suriya Dev was about to kill Shukracharya suddenly Shani Dev reaches there and says that he wants to put some more points forward which will prove that Shukracharya is not the actual culprit but Devtas as they are the creators of Chakravaat.


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Shani says these 5 gods (Panchmahabhoot) have the power to give life to anyone isn’t it their duty to see who is using them for what purpose? Did he not know the power created by Shukracharya can be used against someone? Where does this power come from? Naradmuni says it is given by their Guru Shani nods. Shukracharya gave this power to that storm. Who does that for gods? He goes to Devguru. Isn’t it your duty to keep an eye on what your disciples are doing? And if they see something which isn’t right, isn’t it their duty to stop it? When Devraj Indra was present there, why dint he stop it? Maybe it is because that storm got its power from Devraj to attack! Tell me Narad Muni. Who is the creator and inspiration of storm? Who allowed him to attack at Nana’s palace? Who is at fault here for the mistake that Gods did when Devraj has the power to guide them? It is Devraj Indra himself!

Naradmuni seconds Shani If Devraj Indra is a culprit then it is Devguru’s right to take a decision. Guru is responsible for both progress and mistakes that his disciple makes. Devraj asks Gods what’s happening. You are calling me a culprit by falling in this kid’s words, including Devguru? Devguru holds his hand signalling him to stop. He supports Shani in his ideas. The creator and inspiration of storm is responsible for that storm, i.e. Devraj Indra!

Surya Dev looks at Shani and heads towards the door. Shukracharya asks him where he is off to. Surya Dev stops in his tracks. Shukracharya says I can understand you are sad with Gods losing today in this Sabha. But a father should be proud of his kid who did justice today! You spread light in the entire world yet you couldn’t stop being biased today. Your son spread the light of justice today in the Sabha. Learn something from your son! You said in this Sabha that you will destroy the one who will attack your family! Will you kill Devraj Indra now, as he is the culprit? Surya Dev asks him how he can kill a Devraj, that too Devraj Indra.

Shani Dev says a king dies when his crown is snatched from him! Indra Dev looks at him angrily. Everyone standing there is left shocked. Shukracharya laughs. You said it right. I want Indra’s pride and not his life! It was Surya Dev’s promise that he will kill the culprit. I demand Indra to remove his crown and keep it in Surya Dev’s feet. Indra Dev shouts against it. I cannot do it! This is against rules. Narad Muni says you did the wrong thing. Thanks to Mahadev, you aren’t removed from your position for forever. It will be good if you respect the decision taken by Sabha. Indra Dev walks towards Shani. Surya Dev is standing quietly. Indra Dev kneels down before Surya Dev and removes his crown.

Shani stops Devraj Indra just before he could keep it on the floor. Devraj Indra smiles and happily wears his crown again. Naradmuni asks Shani what happened. Shani replies that there is no difference between incomplete justice and injustice. This isn’t complete yet. The first motive is punishment is that the culprit should repent his deed. Second motive is that the one who has been hurt should actually be the one forgiving. Devraj attacked my mother. She got hurt in the process and not Surya Dev, which is why Devraj will have to keep his crown in my mother’s feet. He will have to apologize to my mother! Dev Vishwakarma nods.

Everyone went to Chhaya room Naradmuni signals Indra Dev who keeps looking pointedly at Shani. Shani and Indra Dev step forward. Chhaya looks at them puzzled. Indra Dev removes his crown and keeps it in Chhaya’s feet. She is taken aback and puzzled. After that an angry Indra Dev was about to say something but Shani Dev stops him and warns him saying Maarg Par Aa Jao Anaytha Mujhe Tumhe Maarg Par Laana Hoga.

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