Shani 12 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Punishes Indra Dev

Shani 12 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Shani Dev Punishes Indra Dev :- Surya Dev says he will decide in the countroom who is the actual culprit behind Chakravaat the court hearing begins and all the Devtas and Demon King Shuryacharya came there Shani Dev were also going for the hearing but his mother Chhaya came in between she says son you will not go there he says why she says you have to choose between me and justice today he decides to stay with his mother.


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Counrt hearing begins Shukracharya says where is your son Surya Dev Shani Surya Dev replied kids are not allowed here then he introduced Naradmuni as the judge the hearing goes on and soon Shukracharya was announced as the culprit Kakol asks Chhaya a question after which giving answer she allowed Shani Dev to go to the court hearing.

All the Devtas says Shukracharya should be punished Surya Dev says I will kill him today suddenly Shani Dev came there he says now I will do the justice Shani Dev puts all the arguments forward for which no one has any answers finally he announces that Indra Dev is the actual culprit Shukracharya says now Surya Dev has to kill him.

A totally shocked Surya Dev says I cannot kill him Shani Dev says A king dies when his crown taken away from him he says Indra Dev has to take off his crown he went to take it off in front of Surya Dev Shani Dev says no you have to take it off in front of my mother Indra Dev takes off his crown in front of Chhaya.

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