Jun 4, 2020

Shame! Gauhar Khan Disgusting Tweet Supports Akash Dadlani Over Dirty Act – Fans Angry

As Bigg Boss 11 finale is coming closer it seems that its whole TV industry vs Public now as popular Celebrities outside are leaving no stone unturned outside to defame Public’s most favorite Shilpa Shinde and support producer and Ekta Kapoor’s close friend Vikas Gupta. On this bandwagon recently Ex Bigg Boss Winner Gauhar Khan also joined as she posted a very disgusting tweet recently supporting Akash Dadlani who tried to sexually harass Shilpa Shinde in the recent episode which is clearly evident from the episode also we have seen him done that too in previous episodes as well but as per Gauhar Khan he has a Pure Heart.


This is what Gauhar Khan tweeted earlier on Wednesday 10 January 2018 supporting Akash Dadlani shameless act :

After this tweet of Gauhar Khan fans of Shilpa Shinde and even Gauhar were seen fuming as how a women and that too like Gauhar can support such dirty acts is it some kind of of conspiracy to defame Shilpa Shinde who is getting massive public support outside.

These are some of the angry fans reactions below :

Well in the end we have only one question for Miss Gauhar Khan that its good that you support your whether its Akash Dadlani or someone else but does that give u the right to degrade a woman’s integrity while she is being clearly getting harassed on national television?

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