Shah Rukh Khan on Bigg Boss 9 with Salman Khan 19 Dec 2015 Episode Pics Written Updates Full

Shah Rukh Khan on Bigg Boss 9 with Salman Khan 19 Dec 2015 Episode Pics Written Updates Full :- History has been made tonight as after a lot of years the superstar duo of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan shared Bigg Boss stage together and the special episode featuring Karan Arjun of Bollywood received mind blowing response from public across India. Without any doubt this is the highest TRP rating episode of Bigg Boss ever.


SRK & Salman Khan Bigg Boss 9 Episode Photos & Images

Below are the exclusive pics of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan from Bigg Boss 9 ep 19 December 2015 checkout :




Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan Bigg Boss 19 Dec 2015 Conversation Written

Salman and Shah Rukh Khan were seen sitting around table, Salman says people got to know that promos were not fake but you are actually here, SRK says we should share our things with audience, Salman ask are you sure? SRK says yes, Salman says to SRK that we will have a game and name is “thappar se darr lagta hai”(afraid of slap), SRK jokes that you are fair, took dialogue slap from your movie and darr from my movie.

Salman says if you give wrong answer then i will slap you, SRK jokes that your hand is heavy, Salman says i will ask questions about me. Salman ask do i drink tea before brushing my teeth? SRK says i know what you drink before brushing but i dont know about tea, Salman says wrong answer and slaps him on head with hand prop which they are holding.

SRK ask Salman “rahul naam toh suna hoga”(you must have listened my name Rhaul), which movie of mine has this dialogue? Salman says “Junoon”, SRK says wrong answer and slaps his head with slap prop. Salman ask SRK if gets angry? SRK says not at all, you are very polite, humble, calm guy, you never get angry, everyone knows this that you are not aggressive at all, Salman laughs and gives him prop slap for answering wrong.

SRK ask Salman about their movies together, Salman counts it and says we did 6movies together, SRK says right answer. Salman ask i keep lights on while sleeping? SRK says how would i know, i never slept with you, Salman says you did in Karan-Arjun time, dont lie, SRK jokes that my reputation is little shaky so let it be, they laugh.

SRK says when you sleep, you dont care about lights, Salman says i keep one light on, SRK says me too to beware in sleep too, they laugh. SRK ask Salman if he snores at night?

Salman says you snore so badly, i remember in Karan-Arjun time, he slept before us and started snoring so badly that we had to kick him out of room, SRK says dust was in my nose so i snored but i dont snore now, lets sleep after show then you will know.

Salman ask SRK if i take bath from hot water? SRK says no you are macho so it doesnt matter to you if its cold or hot water, Salman says right answer.

SRK ask Salman if a beautiful girl is passing then i check her out? Salman acts like he checking out girl from behind, SRK jokes that i check her out from front only, they laugh, Salman gives him slap on head from the slap prop, SRK ask why checkout so silently? Salman says no even if you see a girl slightly then they think that we are checking out, SRK agrees.

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