Sarbjit 2016 Film Critics Review & Star Rating Report Full Movie Details

Sarbjit 2016 Film Critics Review & Star Rating Report Full Movie Details :- Bollywood film Sarbjit which is based on the real story of Sarabjit Singh who was framed by Pakistani court under false allegations of terrorism and spying is releasing today in theatres worldwide. The makers are expecting a big turnout of audience to come to watch this movie as it is about the biggest revolution which was being led by his sister Dalbir Kaur to free his brother but in the end she failed.


Sarbjit Movie Story

Sarbjit Singh (Randeep Hooda) lives in a village near Punjab with his wife Sukhpreet (Richa Chadha), sister Dalbir Kaur (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and father. He also has two daughters Poonam Kaur (Ankita Shrivastav) and Swapandeep Kaur. He was a farmer who worked in others farm and earn livelihood. One day he gets arrested by Pakistani army for crossing the border unknowingly. He is tortured in the Pakistani jail to death and convicted as Indian Spy and named as the person behind bomb blasts in Lahore city of Pakistan. He is alleged as Manjit Singh in Pakistan who is the main culprit behind the blasts.

Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir fought with the Pakistani Government for nearly 23 years before Sarbjit being declared as innocent. Sarbjit’s case is fought by Awais Sheikh (Darshan Kumaar). He with the help of Dalbir tries to find a way to prove Sarbjit innocent and catch the real culprit Manjit Singh. But after Sarbjit being declared innocent given bail, he gets attacked in the jail where he gets badly injured and is hospitalized. On 2nd May, 2013 he took his last breathe.

Final Verdict :

Sarbjit is a kind of a movie which will touch the core of your heart and make you emotional at many times. The climax was being shot in a beautiful manner and you will not be able to stop the tears falling from your eyes while watching it. Both Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randeep Hooda deserves a standing ovation here as they have done full justice playing the roles of Sarbjit and Dalbir Kaur.

Overall if you love realistic films and are a fan of Aish and Randeep than Sarbjit is for you. Don’t give a second thought before going to watch this movie.

Sarbjit Star Rating – 4.5/5*

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