Sanjay Dutt Released From Jail Says I am not a Terrorist Pics & Full Details

Sanjay Dutt Released From Jail Says I am not a Terrorist Pics & Full Details :- After serving a 5 years long sentence in Yerwada Jail on the charges of arms act Bollywood Baba Jaan alias Sanjay Dutt has been finally released today on 25 February 2016 at around 12:00 PM in the noon. Outside his house which is situated in Mumbai his fans celebrated this occasion with joy as many of them were seen holding posters and shouting slogans in favour of their star.

After his release from Yerwada Jail actor Sanjay Dutt addressed media at around 2:30 PM and this is what he said :

23 saal jiske liye mai marta raha, aaj wo din hai azaadi ka-Sanjay Dutt

Today I am missing my father a lot-Sanjay Dutt

I know it will take some time for me to convince myself that I am free-Sanjay Dutt

To be free is the most amazing feeling, I miss my father today-Sanjay Dutt

Its still not sinking in, it feels like I am on furlough-Sanjay Dutt

Mai Hindustan ki dharti ko pyaar karta hoon, wo tiranga meri zindagi hai. I am proud to be an Indian-Sanjay Dutt

Mai jab jail se bahaar aaya, maine dharti choomi. Aur tirange ko salute kiya-Sanjay Dutt

I am proud to be an Indian, that is why I kissed the earth and saluted the tricolour when I came out-Sanjay Dutt

She is not my better half, but my best half. Manyata is my strength-Sanjay Dutt

I gave the money earned Rs. 440 in the jail to my wife, as a good husband-Sanjay Dutt

My biggest relief was when court said ‘you are not a terrorist’. Miss my father who wanted to hear this all his life

Salman mera chhota bhaai hai aur hamesha rahega. Mai pray karta hoon ki wo issey bhi bada star baney-Sanjay Dutt

I would request to the press, I am convicted in the arms act, not in the bomb blasts case. Please don’t portray me as that-Sanjay Dutt

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