Sanam Teri Kasam Third Day (1st Weekend) Collection Box Office Kamai Report

Sanam Teri Kasam Third Day (1st Weekend) Collection Box Office Kamai Report :- Bollywood debutant actress Mawra Hocane has absolutely failed to impress the Indian audience as her film Sanam Teri Kasam has emerged as a big failure at box office India which is very much obvious from the fact that this romantic drama which features Harshvardhan Rane as the lead actor has managed to rake only 1.25 crore on the opening day of its release in cinemas. The coming days for this Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru directorial doesn’t seems to be that good as the crowd feedback for this movie is too bad and many of the viewers who were seen coming out after watching it were seen scratching their hair out of anger.


In Sanam Teri Kasam film, the female protagonist Saru (Mawra Hocane) is a not so good looking nerd, who just can’t find herself a guy. Her parents try to find a good educated groom for her but their efforts go in vain. If Saru doesn’t get married, her sister can’t either. But she is much better looking, has a boyfriend and desperately wants to get married. So Saru decides to get a makeover, so that she can solve her younger sister’s problem. Saru seeks help from Inder (Harshvardhan Rane), who is a criminal of sorts and no father would want a guy like him for his daughter.

Inder and Saru stay in the same building but things go haywire when the latter’s father finds out about their meeting. Saru is disowned by her family and forced to live on her own. Inder helps her with everything including getting a makeover. She had a crush on Abhimanyu so he helps get his attention. He falls in love with her but doesn’t express his feelings. Abhimanyu & Saru start dating & decide to get married, but on her marriage day, he doesn’t show up. She goes to his house & he tells her that his father doesn’t want a disowned girl to be his daughter-in-law, even though he promised b4 that his father opinion wont matter.

She leaves heartbroken. She then goes to her honeymoon sweet, Inder insists to go back to her apartment but she doesn’t want to miss her honeymoon that she paid for because Abhimanyu left her. Heartbroken Saru starts making out with Inder to get over Abhimanyu.

The next morning, Inder sees a dream of waking up finding Saru beside him and they say I love you to each other. However, when he wakes up, she is not beside him. He sees though the window that she is with Abhimanyu and she leaves with him. This leaves Inder heartbroken. He starts drinking a lot. One day, Saru’s mom come to his workplace to give him Saru’s sister’s wedding card so he can give it to Saru. When he goes to her workplace to find her, she’s not there. He goes to Abhimanyu’s workplace and Abhimanyu informs him that, that day when he came back to her to ask her to take him back,

Saru said no & left. Inder looks for Saru but can’t find her; he tracks down her phone and finally find her in a Buddhist monastery. She tells him to leave and claims to use him to get over Abhimanyu. He leaves heartbroken, but he comes back to give the card. He sees her on kneeling on her knees crying. He picks her up & hugs her & say I love you but when he unhugs her, he realizes she fainted. He takes her to the doctor & doctor says she has a tumor in her brain & it is too deep so they can’t remove it. In the hospital Saru tells Inder that after she dies bury her under a tree in 2 gaz ground so that whenever her family member comes she shower flowers on them.

After leaving Saru in hospital he goes to his father’s house and takes out the garland from Saru’s pic when her father sees this he slaps him but he tells them not to put garland on her pic from now on but her father says if he doesn’t then what will he do and Inder says that he will come again to get a slap from him. The next day when Inder wakes up police arrest him as Saru’s father file a complaint against him. While Inder is in police station Saru gets discharge from hospital and goes to central library where she gets all the letters of Inder which he have wrote on the issue card of every book he issued while Inder runs from police so that he can call Saru but when the inspector he ask him why does he want to call so desperately to say sorry or I love you. After this the inspector takes him where Saru is and tells that he only have 10 minutes to talk and then they will go back to police station. When Inder meets Saru she ask him that if she is her best choice then why did he allow her to marry Abhimanyu and Inder says because he don’t deserve her and that her father doesn’t like him either but she hugs him and tells him that she wants to marry him and die as Saraswati Parihaar.

When Inspector comes to take Inder he sees them hugging and Saru not leaving Inder he opens his handcuff and tells them that tomorrow is their court marriage. At night Saru while sitting in Inder’s lap tells him not put garland on her pic after she dies. While Saru is sleeping Inder goes to her house and takes out garland from her pic.

Then he points a gun at Saru’s father and tells him that he can even take life for Saru and die for Saru and tells that tomorrow is her marriage with him. The next day while Saru and Inder are getting married Saru’s parents come and forgive her. After Saru signs the marriage papers she faints in Inder’s arms and they take her to hospital where they gets to know she have very less time.. When Inder sees the pic he realizes that Saru wants to be buried under the tree which is in the pic and Inder goes to his father’s house asking for 2 gaz ground under that tree but his father ask him whom did he murder now because there are blood spots on his shirt but Inder leaves from there angrily.

Back in the hospital Saru tells Inder to let her go and that when he will be dying she will be the first one to meet him and hug him just like he is hugging her right now and dies. Inder comes out of the ward where his father comes and tells him that 2 gas ground is a very small gift and that this time he will save Saru but Inder tells him that she is no more. Both hug and forgive each other. In present we see flowers falling on Inder from the tree under which Saru is buried and he thanks her. Then he says today she must be very happy seeing him successful and tells her to celebrate and then he says he doesn’t drink anymore then he says he drinks only 2 times in a year just to remember the taste. He lie on the grass and the movie ends here.

Lets now discuss about the performance of Sanam Teri Kasam on 3rd day well the news is very bad as even despite of a Sunday holiday this film has not received any good public support as most of the people were seen preferring other Bollywood films like Ghayal Once Again and Airlift over this venture.

Sanam Teri Kasam Third Day Collection – Rs 1.90 crore

Sanam Teri Kasam First Weekend Collection – Rs 4.66 crore


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