Roshni Realized Sid Accepts Defeat Jamai Raja 9th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Roshni Realized Sid Accepts Defeat Jamai Raja 9th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Sid and Anaya mixed something in cake prepared by Neel eating which everyone faints as he wants to prove it to Roshni that Neel is a bad omen for her but whether he will be successful or Neel will outcome this new trap by Sid we will tell you in this article below.


Jamai Raja Episode 503 Written Updates

Everyone fainted after having cake made by Neil. Mitul says something is wrong for sure and calls healer. Healer Bunty is called. Mitul says since Neil got engaged, inauspicious things and accidents are happening in the house. Anya says consignment is also ruined just because dada did the havan. Neil feels disgusted. Healer says something is wrong and blames Roshni for the happenings. Roshni tells him to just leave. Neil tells Roshni that they shall leave for the office. Sid tells that healer might be right. Neil says how can you believe on this. Sid says you are a modern man, and I am also, but I can’t ignore the things which is happening after the engagement. He says you might be inauspicious with the relations and scratches his wound talking about his past relationship. Roshni asks Sid what the hell is he talking about? Neil goes to room angrily and closes it. Sid says I think I should leave.

Outside the house, Roshni tries to slap Sid. Sid holds her hand and asks her not to dare touch him. Roshni asks why is he playing with Neil’s life and asks if this is a joke. Sid says yes, this is a joke only, he asks did I say wrong? Everything is happening infront of your eyes..and says this is not mine but your words which you told me. He says this is wrong, you said this for me and not saying same for Neil. He says if our relation is inauspicious then your relation with Neil is also inauspicious. HE says whatever had happened was because of circumstances and not because of destiny. He says it was your choice to leave me, get me beaten badly by police and calling me inauspicious. He says I can’t call you inauspicious as I love you. You used to call me joker and funny, don’t I feel anything. He says my heart has become pain now and not healable. He says I don’t think Neil is inauspicious as he stood with you when you was in need, and says he is like a God to him. He says truth is that your relation with DD was died long ago, but I revived it.

He says your decision have hurt many, my mom had lost her daughter in law, my dad had lost his daughter and I lost my roshni. He says I am forced to live the way you wanted me to. He says I will tell one last thing, he asks her to check in her heart and see, if lives are not ruined. He says three lives are ruining because of your decision, Neil, yours and mine. Roshni is speechless, hurt and sad. She goes. Sid is also pain. Tadap Tadap Ke song plays……….Sid cries. Roshni thinks if I did wrong all this while, and asks DD why she left her. She recalls accusing Sid after DD’s death. Sid tells Anya that he remembered everything at that moment.

Roshni thinks what did I go unintentionally. She says how can I hurt Sid, whom I love her a lot. She thinks I am walking on the pain line and asks what is ahead of this way. I am giving pain to everyone. She asks what did I do mom? And cries. Sid asks why I am doing this? I am lying about our relation and have been making Neil feel let down, and hurting him and everyone. He says I can’t do this anymore. Roshni is standing on the road still and says I know what I have to do…mom. I love and miss you. Anya asks if everything is not resolved between you and Ragini. Sid says no, as it is just one sided. He says Roshni is not ready to accept her mistake and says he is defeated. He says it is her destiny now, and says let her go with who ever she wants to stay.

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