Jan 29, 2020

Report Card of Four Months of AAP Govt in Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party aka AAP which came into power about four months back in Delhi on 10 February 2015 thanks to a historical mandate given to them by the public of Capital of India to fulfill their 70 promises that they have made in their election manifesto which have attracted the youth a lot especially the one in which they have said that they will provide free Wi-Fi service in the whole state but whether they are taking any steps to make all those things said in the important document come true or are they just Chunavi Jumlas well we will discuss about in our report further. We will also tell you that whether the people of Delhi are satisfied with the work of current Delhi AAP Government or they have already started regretting on making the mistake on giving them such a huge number of assembly seats.

arvind-kejriwal-pic-sleepyHere is a list of the major 10 promises of AAP Government that they have made in their election manifesto during the Delhi Legislative Assembly election 2015 :-

Free Wi-Fi service in all public places across Delhi
15 Lakh CCTV Cameras to be installed for the safety and security of Delhi women
Free 20,000 Litres of water to every house who has a working meter connection
Half electricity bills
500 new secondary and senior secondary schools to be build
900 new Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and 30,000 more beds will be made available in Delhi Government hospitals.
Women Security Force for the safety of Delhi Women with 10,000 strong home guards
2 Lakh new toilets to be made for the people of Delhi, 1.5 Lakh for Slums and JJ Clusters & 50,000 in public areas
A strong new LokPal to be introduced
Swaraj to be introduced so people of a particular Mohalla or society will decide how the money for developement work will be used

Now lets discuss which one’s are fulfilled or what’s the progress on the others. Firstly talking about free Wi-Fi as of now there is no developement on it as the government has said that it will take about 2 years to making Delhi a Wi-Fi city. They have also said that once the service will get stated people will not get the option to browse all websites as they can only open Email or Govt sites for free for rest they have to pay.

Going towards the half electricity bills, Aam Aadmi Party Government has successfully fulfilled this promise but sadly they have applied some extra taxes and charges on its from which people are appearing very angry. 20,000 litres free water promise has also been fulfilled but only for those who have working meter connections rest in the backward colonies like Sangam Vihar people are still suffering from water mafia as pipelines are still not available there.

Speaking about the remaining 7 promises like strong LokPal, Swaraj, 500 new schools, 15 Lakh CCTV Camera, Women security task force etc it seems that AAP Government is way much busy right now is doing dramas to malign PM MODI’s Centre Government rather then working to fulfill the needs to the people. According to us the pace at which they are going right now they might not be able to fulfill even half of the promises that they have made to the people of Delhi.

Public Opinion on 4 Months of Aam Aadmi Party Government

Speaking about the opinion of the public of Delhi on the four months work of AAP Govt, we have recently conducted a survey and the results we got are quite shocking as we can see a lot of anger in the people of the Indian Capital as many of them were seen saying that they are being cheated by Arvind Kejriwal and his party for votes. Some of them are also saying that they already want a re-election in the state

4 Months work of AAP Govt in Delhi

Very Good – 5%
Good – 15%
Poor – 25%
Very Poor – 55%

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