Radhe Maa Press Conference : I am Pure & Pious says Self Styled Godwoman

Self styled Godwoman, Radhe Maa confronts the media on Monday August 10, 2015 in a press conference which was held at Mumbai to give her side of explanations on the charges that were filed against her and this is what she has to say :-


“I am absolutely innocent.” She abstained from making direct reference to the cases framed against her, but kept on repeating “I am pure and pious.” The godwoman has maintained that attempts are made to allegedly defame her in the media. “I have complete faith and affection towards the media, police and law. Truth cannot be hidden for a long time,” she added.

Radhe Maa alias Sukhwinder Kaur is summoned by the Mumbai Police as 2 FIRs have been filed against her which are related to pressurizing for dowry and other of abatement to suicide.

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