Quantico Season 1 Episode 6 God Written Updates 1 November 2015 Priyanka Chopra

The popular weekly mystery series of ABC Channel Quantico has already gained a lot of popularity among people in America and India too as this thriller features Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra as protagonist FBI agent Alex Parrish and she has acted brilliantly in this television show. The story of Quantico is very interesting which deals with both past and present happening.


In the sixth episode 1 November 2015 of Quantico titled God the students at Quantico practice their skills by following a pair of actors posing as terrorists, and then Assistant Director Miranda herself. Miranda’s son has returned from juvenile detention. The FBI plans to do a sweep of all surveillance cameras in the area of Grand Central before the attack. They bring in Caleb, who, it turns out is Deputy Director Clayton’s son.

Back at Quantico, Alex’s affair with Booth, and Shelby’s affair with Caleb continues. Nimah and Raina are becoming more and more interested in Simon, but have received instructions from Miranda not to get involved with him. They throw caution to the wind, and when Simon and Nimah are alone, Nimah removes her headscarf, and she and Simon kiss.

Alex is tracking Caleb’s computer. She believes he is trying to delete evidence of his involvement in the attack, but instead discovers that Shelby and his father are having an affair. Caleb is upset with Shelby, and refuses to accept her apology.

The surveillance team finds Miranda’s son attempted to shoot up his school. She is still deeply worried about him, and believes he plans to do something terrible again. Liam comes over to comfort her, but he believes that her surveillance of her son is wrong.

The students survey Miranda’s house. Alex and Booth are on location. They hear Liam and Charlie talking. Charlie tells Liam that Miranda made up everything. It’s not clear what is a lie and what is the truth. Liam catches Booth, and accidentally reveals to Alex that he and Booth have been surveying her.

Alex goes to Liam’s office, and accepts his apologies for the surveillance. She then switches rooms with Nathalie so that she no longer shares a wall with Booth. As she settles into her new apartment, she opens up her laptop, and watches the security camera she has secreted in Liam’s office.

Simon arranges to meet Nimah for a walk, but arrives at her room too early. He sees the twins, and in a rush of confusion, Simon is knocked out.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Caleb is still searching the surveillance videos, but Alex cannot understand why he is going back so far. At last, he finds what he’s looking for: the twins are at Grand Central Station only days before the attack.

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