Quantico Season 1 Episode 5 Found Written Updates 25 October 2015 Priyanka Chopra

The latest mystery television series of ABC ‘Quantico’ has emerged very popular among the people in America and India as well. The weekly show has a interesting plot which deals with both the past and present happenings and the most interesting fact is that this is the first time that an Indian actress ‘Priyanka Chopra’ alias Alex Parrish is acting in an American show as a female protagonist.


In the fifth episode 25 October 2015 of Quantico the students were assigned a new task where they must create new undercover identities. After painstakingly crafting every detail of themselves, they are taken to a corporate meet and greet, with instructions to get a meeting with the CEO by the end of the night. At the last moment though, they have to trade identities with their fellow students.

Meanwhile, in the present, Alex still has Shelby as her hostage. Alex receives word that the FBI has ordered to shoot her on sight. She knows that if she isn’t careful, her investigation will be over before it has even begun. Therefore, she contacts a secret organization (an ‘Anonymous’ type of group) to spread a message from her to the people of the United States. They meet in a new location, and the people ask Alex some questions about her involvement in the attack. She is somewhat insulted, but manages to convince them to put her on the air.

At the corporate party, all of the students are making or breaking connections with these strangers. A few students are escorted out of the party after blowing their cover. Simon tells Shelby that his ‘boyfriend’ is coming to visit, which sparks the notice of Elias Harper, who believes Simon is some kind of spy. Harper meets the man Simon claims to be his boyfriend, and the man reveals that he doesn’t really know Simon, that he met him once to take a photo, and then hadn’t spoken to him since Simon started at Quantico. Meanwhile, the twins Nimah and Raina are trading places through the night as they try to meet the CEO. They must exchange information quickly, and get cozy with the CEO’s right hand woman. Booth and Alex are both performing well, and are even ‘introduced’ to each other by some of their new friends.

In the present, the FBI knows that Alex is about to broadcast her interview, and they will be able to track the location. Alex tearfully tells the nation that she loves her country, that she’s been made a target unfairly and that she is innocent. She says that there were people that she knew from her past traveling in the Middle East who have been targeted and blamed just like her. She says that someone she knows, someone she must know very well, has framed her. She invites the viewers to imagine that their very best friends in the world have been lying to them from day one. She cannot trust anyone.

Harper confronts Simon in his hotel room. The man posing to be his boyfriend has left, and it is implied that Harper and he were intimate. Simon is dumbstruck, and unable to defend himself as Harper tears apart his character. Alex, Booth, Nimah/Raina, and one other agent are in a room waiting to meet the CEO. As it turns out, the CEO had been fired, and now the woman the twins were getting close to is the CEO. The students celebrate, and leave Alex and Booth alone in the room. As the twins celebrate their skills in working as a team, Alex and Booth drink and talk and eventually have sex.

The FBI close in on the building the broadcast is coming from, but to their shock, it’s a mosque. After being denied entry, the FBI is forced to back off. Media trucks flood the area, just as the mosque lets out. Hundreds of women in various headscarves come streaming out of the building. Although they try frantically to locate her, they lose Alex in the chaos. Shelby is taken in for questioning, but she does not turn in Booth or Simon. She knows now that Alex did not commit this crime.

Back at Quantico, Simon enters Harper’s room. At first, Harper refuses to speak to him, and tells Simon that he has an appointment with Miranda first thing in the morning. Simon begs for Harper to listen. He explains that he had been a soldier, and to cope with the terrible things he saw and did, he has created a false persona for himself. The fake glasses, the cups of coffee he never actually drinks, and the fake boyfriend are all tools he uses to get through the day. Harper pauses, and then tells Simon he should keep the glasses, as they make him look handsome. They part on good terms, and Nimah invites Simon to go for a walk with her.

Back at headquarters, Simon gets a report on FBI agents in the area of Grand Central Station at the time of the attack. He, Booth, and Shelby are all shocked to see the name Caleb Haas, a fellow student, and former lover of Shelby’s. Finally, they have a lead.

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