Quantico Season 1 Episode 3 Cover Written Updates 11 October 2015 Priyanka Chopra

With only opening two episodes ABC Quantico is on the verge of becoming one of the top rated Television shows in America. But not only in US even Indians watch it with too much of excitement as it features Priyanka Chopra in main lead of FBI agent Alex Parrish. As we know that all of you are very keen to know what will happen next so here we are providing the written updates of the 3rd ep of Quantico checkout :-


In the third 11 October 2015 episode of Quantico the show begins in the present day, when Parrish’s’ Oakland home is raided by the FBI. Her mother is interrogated by Liam O’Conner (Josh Hopkins), who introduces himself as “an old friend,” thanks to his work with her husband. Sita said she has not spoken to Alex since she left for Quantico.

An interesting fact is revealed during the course of the interrogation. Sita said that by taking the blame for shooting her husband, she was not just trying to protect her daughter, but also O’Connor, Entertainment weekly reported. The FBI deputy director did something with her husband, which only she is aware of.

Entry of new character: FBI executive assistant director

A new person, FBI Executive Assistant Director (Mark Pellegrino) joins the emergency command centre, Entertainment Weekly reported. Agent O’Conner is being reamed by a superior officer as to how an FBI agent was responsible for “the next 9/11” on his watch. This agent is a new face, but he will play an important role, as we will see later.

Alex Parrish seeks help from Simon Asher

In the present, Parrish goes to meet Simon in his house. He has been ousted from Quantico base and now works for a tech startup. He helps Parrish to analyze the explosive parts she lifted from her apartment in Episode 2.

There’s a brief moment where it seems that Simon is going to turn in Alex — he sets off the alarms, and she pulls a gun on him. But, he said that he needs to make it seem like he was…

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