Pragya’s Fake Boyfriend Coming Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Pragya’s Fake Boyfriend Coming Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Abhi arranges birthday party for Pragya as he is all set to propose her on the special occasion but Nikhil has something else in mind as he wants to ruin everything and has someone new to introduce who is he and what he will do we will tell you all about that in this post further.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 590 Written Updates

Nikhil makes his puppet ready, and says first he will give roses to Pragya and will give hope, and then will make her get down fast. He calls kids and asks to give flowers to birthday girl and come back. Kids take the bouquets and go. Nikhil tells the man that he must have understood what he just told. Purab announces that Pragya is coming down with her Prince Charming. Abhi and Pragya comes down together. Rachna misses Sarla. Akash asks her to click pic and send her. Dasi blesses her. Purab misses Bulbul and thinks she would be happy to see their union. Kids come and give her bouquets. Abhi thinks I didn’t order this, and thinks Dadi must have brought it. Dadi thinks Abhi did right and bought the flowers.

Pragya thinks Abhi gave me many flowers and it must contain some message for me. She is about to pick the chit, just then Dadi stops her and blesses her. She says today will be memorable day of your life. Pragya says this is happening because of you. Dadi and Rachna tease her. Pragya says I will tease you also. Robin comes and says some guest want to meet you. Pragya says she will come. Dadi asks Purab if Nikhil came. Purab says did you invite him. He says your plan is dangerous. Dadi says she wants Nikhil and Tanu to understand that their plan is ended.

Mitali tries to talk to Raj and holds his hand. She asks him to see the bouquets which Abhi gave to Pragya. Raj says today is her birthday. Mitali says she is born also and celebrates birthday. Raj says he can’t forgive her. Tanu comes to Pragya and wishes her happy birthday. She gifts her a book, how to live happy alone…..and asks her to take the book. Pragya says I accept this gift, as I have a good return gift, get ready for fire work Tanu…Tanu smirks. Dadi comes to Abhi and asks him to give gift to Pragya. Abhi says I am worried about it and thinks he is the only man who is going to propose his own wife. Dadi asks him to bend down and propose her with I love you. Abhi gets shy and asks why is she saying directly. Purab asks him not to waste time and propose Pragya. Abhi says I am going, and asks them to take care of him, says he will get mad with happiness. Dadi asks him to come after winning.

Nikhil enters the party and congratulates Abhi for Pragya’s birthday. Abhi excuses himself and goes. Nikhil says I came here just to execute my plan. Tanu comes there and takes Nikhil to side. She asks what are you doing here? Nikhil says he is called officially. Tanu asks when you will start the plan and says they were romancing in room, and Abhi brought dress for her and organize party for her. She asks when you will start your plan? Nikhil laughs and asks her not to talk much. He tells that uninvited guest will come here. Tanu asks who? Nikhil says Pragya’s ex boyfriend. Nikhil says this is Pragya’s fake boyfriend, and he will prove that they are in the relation. Tanu asks are you serious?

Nikhil says he needs her help and asks her to manipulate Abhi and provoke him to kick Pragya out of his life and home. Tanu gets happy and is about to hug him, but Nikhil asks her to control. Tanu says you are the best criminal in the world, and asks him to understand her feelings. Nikhil asks her to go to Abhi. Tanu thinks what you will do Pragya as Abhi can’t bear betrayal. She says Abhi insulted me because of you, and now you will be insulted. Pragya smell the flowers. Abhi thinks to propose her and goes near her.

Tanu watches them anxiously. A romantic song plays. Tanu thinks abhi is going to propose pragya, and thinks game over. Nikhil gets worried also. Dadi thinks Abhi should tell now. Mujhe tumse pyaar hain plays. Abhi says I want to tell you, and asks if you get angry on me or scold me. He says I have decided to tell my fuggi about my feelings. He asks her to tell something after hearing him. He says I got the strength to tell you, and says my future is dependent on your decision, and want to live a new life with her. Just then she gets Sarla’s call, and she asks Abhi to stand there and goes to talk to Sarla. Abhi thinks why did phone come now, and thinks moment is break.

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