Poonam Pandey Valentines Day 2017 Hot Bed Shower Pics Stills Video with Full Details

Poonam Pandey Valentines Day 2017 Hot Bed Shower Pics Stills Video with Full Details :- Controversial model turned actress Poonam Pandey who is known for making bold statements and promises to her fans has came up with a new surprise for her followers as the gorgeous dusky beauty has recently posted a hot bedroom and shower video of her on Youtube on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2017 and this one is the hottest ever among all the videos of this babe you have ever seen before.

The hot video is titled Valentine’s Day with Poonam Pandey it starts with Poonam Pandey lying on a bed waking up wearing a sexy bra saying good morning sweetheart ah breakfast in bed I love breakfast in bed then she opens bowl says Waffels thank you I love waffels takes a sip of juice then smells flowers says wait today is Valentine’s Day laughs says HAPPY VALENTINES DAY oh I love you so much I know you must have had planned for today right I am going to get ready very soon I will go and take shower You wanna join

Poonam Pandey goes to bathroom take shower taking off all her clothes then she comes out says Ok you told me to dress Sporty and I did I don’t know what we are gonna do but I am sure its gonna be fun then she plays some games says If I win are you going to strip for me finally Wow I had such an amazing day playing all these games it was so amazing what dinner ah for dinner I need to change then

In her dressing room Poonam Pandey changes clothes do makeup looks hot says Hey how do I look up here we have that for later we are supposed to go cinema right come which one you like to see Romantic movie what you don’t like it aww don’t worry I’ll make it up for you later muahh comes out after watching the film eating popcorn ahh it was such a good movie I had such a good time what you have arranged dinner woah lets go then drinking wine says thank you you made my day wonderful and I’m gonna make yours very soon HAPPY VALENTINES NIGHT cheer

Finally Poonam goes back to her house says I had such an amazing day today take off her jacket saying thank you for making my Valentine’s so special I enjoyed on bed, shower, the dinner was amazing the movie was so good lies on bed again wow and I think its my turn to give you something says come here about to take off her top video ends.

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Poonam Pandey Valentine’s Day 2017 Bedroom Video Full

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