Neel Slaps Sid Roshni Shocked Jamai Raja 14th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Neel Slaps Sid Roshni Shocked Jamai Raja 14th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Ranjeet and Mittul has a new plan in mind to take revenge against Sid and Roshni as they suspects them to have a love relationship on the other Neel has the same feeling but he is not telling anyone about it yet. Both Sid Roshni are getting closer with each other which is not going well with Neel as he is getting jealous and insecure.


Jamai Raja Episode 507 Written Updates

Neil brings Ragini to a beautifully decorated place. Ragini says if he has done this arrangement for her. Neil says he wanted to make her smile and celebrate their engagement. He asks if you are happy? Ragini says yes, ofcourse. Waiter brings a cake. Neil asks her to cut it. Ragini says you are very unlikely. Neil says I know, I am full of surprises. Ragini cuts the cake and finds a key inside. Neil says it is a gift for you. Ragini asks what is it? Neil says I brought a beautiful home for you in Colaba. Ragini says what was the need? Neil says once you told me that you missed the place. We will stay there after marriage. Ragini gets emotional. Neil says I hope you like it, and all that matters.

Sid and Anya are in the car. Anya asks him to cheer up and says Arav will be fine too. Roshni tells Neil that if he will eat non veg? Neil says why can’t I when you can change so much for me. He tells about his engagement which was broken with Ria. He asks about her husband. Ragini is shocked and emotional. Neil changes the topic seeing her emotional. Roshni thinks she is not doing right with Neil and recalls Sid’s words. Anya and Sid have pani puri a road side stall. Sid makes her have it and recalls making Roshni having pani puri. Anya says it is very tasty. Sid comes to Naina’s house and sees Ragini. He tells that he wants to tell her something. Mitul opens the door. They see the news about Ragini, Ceo of Mauve, and is a drug addict too. Reporter says Ragini came closer to Neil and we came to know about this info through Khurana company.

Neil mistaken Sid and slaps him. He mistaken him and blames for ruining Ragini’s image. Sid says he didn’t do anything. Roshni asks Neil what you are saying? Neil says it is said clearly on TV. Roshni says Sid can never harm her. Neil asks why not? He says Sid is creating troubles for us. Roshni says I knew it. She says she don’t want to give explanation. Neil says truth will come out eventually. Naina says Sid is Jamai, why he will do this. Neil says truth will come. Roshni keeps warm pouch on Sid’s wound. She thinks I want to tell you something. Sid thinks I want to hear you.

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