Naina Caught Sid Anaya Jamai Raja 31st May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Naina Caught Sid Anaya Jamai Raja 31st May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- From the previous few episodes Sid is continuously making efforts to make Roshni jealous as much as he can by being romantic with Anaya in front of her and his plan is working successfully on the other side Mittun Mami is investigating the fishy part and is very close to find the truth.


Jamai Raja Episode 495 Written Updates

Rituals started and then Mittun Mami tells Sid to fill Sindoor in Anaya’s maang in front of everyone but Sid uses his brain again and through fan he fills it in Roshni’s maang. Everyone gets shocked seeing it.

Sid comes and cleans Sindoor off Roshni’s maang using his handkerchief. In the night Sid went to store room to get a mattress and Anaya went outside. Someone comes outside he thought it was Anaya but it was Naina actually.

Naina slapped Sid in front of Anaya they both apologized but in chaos Anaya said that they both love each other but she has not married Sid yet.

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