MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 New Queen Wild Card Entries Golden Bracelet Task Fights Dumpings 23 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 New Queen Wild Card Entries Golden Bracelet Task Fights Dumpings 23 July 2016 :- The game of love MTV Splitsvilla 9 is currently going through a lot of twists and turns as we have seen in the previous episode that all the princesses gave Queen Martina bad titles during the smashtag task which she was watching secretly from her room now she is all set to take her anger out on them. Lets see which Princess will become the victim of Queen’s wrath.


All the girls in danger zone received a scroll that they have to come by the pool side to impress queen Martina from getting safe

Girls wear bikinis and went to impress queen Martina to get safe from the dumping ground

Rajnandini gave a hot back massage to Queen Martina Thariyan

Shreeradhe and Rajnandini did a hot dance in front of Queen Martina

Martina also told all the princesses that she saw from the secret room what title they gave her during the task

Time came for the next dumping ground of Splitsvilla 9

Kavya and Rajnandini fight during dumping ground

Martina scolds Isha for giving her the title of a Fatso she got hurt Varun took Martina side

Book of fortune opened and as per it Boys have to take place of princesses

Karan Chhabra steps up for Shreeradhe

Martina says actually she was impressed by Shreeradhe and was not gonna dump her today

Martina dumps Mayuri

Mayuri Das Gets Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

Karan Mayuri had an emotional moment after her dumping

Book of fortune opened again and orders Mayuri can choose the 2nd queen

Mayuri chooses Rajnandini

Rajnandini Becomes 2nd Queen of Splitsvilla 9

New Wild Cards Enters in Splitsvilla 9

Mia Lakra is the New Wild Card of Splitsvilla 9

Priya Haridas is the New Wild Card of Splitsvilla 9

Roadies boys get sad seeing Mia

Nikhil gets happy seeing Mia Lakra

Princesses were given the task to give schmitten chocolates to boys and click selfies with them

Priya selfie with Karan Khanna

Task location both Sunny and Rannvijay welcomed new wild cards to them queen got introduced

Another golden bracelet task between four princesses happened in which teams are as follows :

Priya – Karan
Mia – Nick
Isha – Abhishek
Shreeradhe – Karan Chhabra
Kavya – Gurmeet

Rest 3 boys directly go to dumping ground

Varun, Archie and Aditya are in dumping ground

Manforce Hassi to Phassi Task

Shreeradhe wins Golden Bracelet Task

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