MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 Danger Zone Task Shreeradhe Wild Card Enters Dumpings 3 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 Danger Zone Task Shreeradhe Wild Card Enters Dumpings 3 July 2016 :- Queen Martina is continuously dumping the boys sitting on her throne but this time she gets a different sort of power using which she sends Niharika in the danger zone and now she has to compete against Isha Anand and Rajnandini to get safe otherwise she will go home very soon as in Splitsvilla 9 to stay you need to perform as well.


Splitsvillians receive a scroll that the time has arrived for the Princesses challenge so come as Raanvijay Singha and Sunny Leone are waiting for them

Queen Martina was also there during the task and she was enjoying watching them compete against each other

During the task Isha made a racist comment on Mayuri color after which they both had a cat fight

Rajnandini wins the Danger Zone Task

After the task boys receive a scroll to get ready and come by the pool side as someone is waiting for them

Boys went there and a new wild card princess named Shreeradhe Khanduja was sitting there wearing a hot bikini and she was looking absolutely sexy as all of them get stunned

Shreeradhe Khanduja New Wild Card Princess of Splitsvilla 9

Varun did a hot dance with Shreeradhe in swimming pool all the boys gets jealous seeing him. Shreeradhe takes off his his cap and wears it. Aditya went on a one on one date with Shreeradhe

Then the time come for the next dumping ground

Rannvijay tells Martina about new princess in the villa and Martina gets jealous about her & varun closeness

Shreeradhe said that she wants to make a connection with Varun

Varun said that if Martina was not there I will have a connection between two people Shreeradhe or Kavya

Shreeradhe can left only three options for queen out of 9

Anuranjan, Akhil, Abhishek were put in danger zone by Shreeradhe

Anuranjan opened book of fortune opened

Martina dumps Anuranjan

Anuranjan gets DUMPED from Splitsvilla 9

Book of fortune opens again

Princess Shreeradhe Khanduja can bring one boy back who gets dumped by queen in the past

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