MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 5 Selfie Queen Task Niharika in Danger Zone Dumpings 2 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 5 Selfie Queen Task Niharika in Danger Zone Dumpings 2 July 2016 :- Matrina is currently acquiring the queen throne in the game of love Splitsvilla 9 and she is getting to take tough decisions every single episode. The villa has been divided into two groups right now one of Roadies and rest are in other group. Now it will be interesting to watch which duo will stay true to each other till the end and will emerge as the winners.


All the boys in danger zone received a scroll to get ready and come for the next dumping ground. Dumping process begins queen Martina gets the opportunity to eliminate two boys tonight but before that Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone gave the princesses one more chance to save their connection by opening book of fortune.

Isha opens book of fortune all the boys who went inside the task and won will get safe as a result of which Nikhil, Abhishek, Karan Khanna and Aditya gets safe.

Now its time for queen Martina to announce her decision. Martina dumped Harshit and Milind.

Harshit Tomar and Milind gets dumped from Splitsvilla 9

As book of fortune opens again Martina gets another power as she can choose one princess who will go in danger zone and can be dumped later.

Martina Sends Niharika in Danger Zone

Boys received a scroll again to get ready and come for their next Patate Raho Session as girls were clicking selfies of their own without revealing their faces flaunting their hot bodies

Nikhil says that girls doesn’t use their brain including Rajnandini and Niharika

Panasonic Smartphone Selfie Queen Task

Varun proposes Isha and Martina gets jealous

Anuranjan proposes Matina and Varun gets a taste of his own medicine

Boys have to decide which girl has the sexiest selfie and the girl with most votes will get safe from challenging Niharika in the danger zone

Gurmeet – Kavya
Varun – Mayuri
Nikhil – Rajnandini
Karan Khanna – Mayuri
Anuranjan – Isha
Archie – Mayuri
Akhil – Rajnandini
Aditya – Isha
Abhishek – Rajnandini

Tie between Mayuri & Rajnandini and Queen Martina is the tie breaker

Martina takes Mayuri’s Name

Mayuri is Safe From Danger Zone

Now out of Isha and Rajnandini one will face Niharika in the danger zone challenge

Now boys will decide who will face Niharika in the danger zone task

Kavya is already safe from danger zone as she have the Golden Bracelet

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