MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 4 Princesses Hot Dance Performances Golden Bracelet Task 26 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 4 Princesses Hot Dance Performances Golden Bracelet Task 26 June 2016 :- Queen Martina has acquired her throne in MTV Splitsvilla 9 after which she dumped Karan Chhabra and Shubashish in the first dumping ground using her powers on which both Varun & Niharika cried a lot but as we all know to win this game of love you need to do whats beneficial for your partner and youself.


Boys received a scroll to get ready come by the pool side as Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Sigha are waiting for them there

When they reached the pool side Rannvijay attend them as Sunny was not there and then she came dancing Kar Gayi Chull song and she was l;ooking extremely hot

After her performance Rannvijay, Archie & Karan Khanna als joined Sunny in hot dance

Then the time came for Princesses Dance Performances

Re Pritam Pyare come rajnandini s Hot Dance Song

Mayuri Hot Performance Gzb Gayo Rama

Choose Mayuri Dance with the reason I like it is in thee, thou

Mayuri was about to kiss Karan Khanna but when she realised that everyone was around she stopped and it shows that there connection was the strongest in the villa

Isha came performing on Halkat Jawani she was looking damn hot

Niharika came dancing on Bebo Mein Bebo

Niharika tries to impress Varun to take revenge from Martina

Kavya dance on Dance Basanti Dance Song

Kavyua dance was the hottest one among all the princesses

Gurmeet and Varun dance with Kavya later and it was somewhat looking funny

All the princesses came out

Queen Martina choose Varun for dance

Vaun Martina dance on Ishq Waala Love and Niharika gets jealous seeing them dancing together

Boys have to choose the princess with the hottest performance :

Reason – Mayuri
Abhishek – rajnandini
Archie – Mayuri
Gurmeet – Poetry
joyful – Isha
Milind – Isha
propitiation – Isha
Nikhil – Poetry
Aditya – rajnandini
Varun – Poetry
All – Poetry

Kavya wins Hottest Performance with 4 votes

Sunny asked which princess would like to dethrone Queen and then tells they need to win golden bracelet by winning challenges. When a princess wins two golden bracelet she can challenge queen

Kavya Advantage

Kavya can choose a princess who cannot compete in tomorrows challenge

Kavya chooses Mayuri

Mayuri cannot compete in the Golden Bracelet task

Everyone came back in the villa plotting starts

Challenge time

First golden bracelet challenge

All the girls have to choose three guys each

Martina can choose the order in which the girls made selection

1. Kavya – Gurmeet and Vrun
two. Secrets – All, Abhishek and caused three Khanna
. Isha – propitiation, joyful and four Aditya
. Nebula – Archie and Milind Nikhil

Akhil says that I will not perform from Kavya’s side

Princesses fighters will fight for them

Martina leaves and task begins

First Battle

Poetry vs. Isha
vs. Varun joyful – Neptune Venus
vs. Gurmeet propitiation – Gurmeet Venus

Kavya wins 2-0 Reached Finals

Isha cried on her defeat

Second Battle

Rajnandini Nebula vs.
vs. Karan Khanna Milind –
Nikhil vs. All – Nikhil Venus
Archie – anointed – anointed Venus

Venus rajnandini Riced finals 2-1

Final Battle

Kavya Rajnandini vs
Karan vs Gurmeet – Gurmeet Wins

Kavya wins Golden Bracelet

Next week a wild card Princess Splitsvilla 9 contestant will come and join the remaining Splitsvillains and we will reveal about her soon

Must arrive back for more updates related to Splitsvilla 9

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