MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 New Queen Martina Cat Fight Task Dumpings Varun Cries 25 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 New Queen Martina Cat Fight Task Dumpings Varun Cries 25 June 2016 :- The game of love MTV Splitsvilla 9 has started earlier this month as this time 6 hot princessess and 15 hunks will try to find true love at Puducherry and in their journey both the hosts Sunny Leone & Rannvijay Singha will help them. As of now no queen has been selected and tonight we will find out who is going to be the first queen of Splitsvilla 9 and who will get dumped by her.


Contestants received a scroll that a task will happen to find the first queen as every girl has to select 2 guys who will help her

Panasonic Queen Bee Task


1. Tic Tac Toe – Hearts and Arrows

2. Lift Princess put on platform without using hands

3. Princesses battlefield fight


Isha, Niharika and Rajnandini out in first stage

kavya falls down because of Nikhil mistake

Final Battle Martina vs Mayuri

Best of three Cat Fight

first round – Martina
2nd round – Mayuri
3rd round – Martina

Martina Thariyan Becomes the First Queen of Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvillians went back and Kavya fights with Nikhil as he lets her down

Dumping Ground time comes all the contestants came and Sunny & Rannvijay was there as it was the first dumping group of Splitsvilla 9. Queen Martina came and sits on her throne. Rannvijay tells her till the time you’re queen you will rule Splitsvilla 9. Book of Fortune was also there. Kavya said she wants to open book of fortune

Book of Fortune said:

Each princess can save one guy each

Queen will dump not one but two

Niharika saves Milind
Isha saves Anuranjan
Rajnandini saves Aditya
Mayuri saves Karan Khanna
Kavya saves Gurmeet

Archie, Karan Chhabra, Nikhil, Shubashish, Harshit, Varun and Abhishek are still in danger

Niharika fights with Varun over Shubashish in danger

Queen Martina said I don’t owe anything to anyone to Varun

Martina dumps Karan Chhabra and Shubashish

Karan Chhabra and Shubashish Gets Dumped From Splitsvilla 9

Niharika and Varun both cried on Shubashish getting eliminated as he said that he’s disappointed with her.

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