MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 19 Finalists Decided Ex Contestants Back Semi Final Task 1 October 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 19 Finalists Decided Ex Contestants Back Semi Final Task 1 October 2016 :- Now as we all know that the final dumping ground of Splitsvilla 9 has already happened it will be soon revealed which 3 couples will compete against each other in the grand finale of the game of love as now there is not going to be any book of fortunes anymore Archie is alsao back with Rajnandini but only that connection win which will remain true to each other till the end and we will tell you all about that in this article further.


The episode starts with all the eliminated Splitsvillains coming back in the finale to seek their revenge from the remaining contestants by talking dirty all of them were looking very sad. Shreeradhe gets very happy to see Karan Chhabra again as she went straight to him and hugged him. They are being welcomed back by Rannvijay Singha.

Mayuri and Priya Haridas vent out their anger on Karan Khanna as they seemed getting cheated by him Ayaan and Zain also gets angry on Mia as she backstabbed them both Ayaan had a funny fight with Nikhil. Both the queens get a chance to go back to the villa and they get very happy on that.

Back at the Villa a big fight happened between Karan Khanna and Mayuri even Priya gets too much angry on Karan Khanna she scolds him. Karan Chhabra wants to get everything cleared but nothing happens. After the come back of ex splitsvillain the whole villa turned into a war zone.

Ayaan and Nikhil gets into a brawl at the villa Mia and Gurmeet tried to separate them Splitsvillains received a scroll with a message its your final day in the villa get ready and meet us soon. They went to the next task location they were being told that tonight grand finale of Splitsvilla 9 will happen.

Queens Kavya and Rajnandini are already in the finale the princess which will win the competition out of three will go into the finale rest two will get eliminated.

Task name is Dishkiyaaon Dishkiyaaon

Mia teams with Nikhil

Martina teams with Varun

Shreeradhe teams with Gurmeet but he refused then Archie also refused to perform with Shreeradhe

Shreeradhe gets eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

Now competition is between Martina vs Mia

Mia Nikhil team – Karan Khanna

Martina Varun team – Abhishek

Martina Varun and Abhishek wins the task

Mia Lakra Gets Eliminated From Splitsvilla 9

Martina Varun reached the grand finale of Splitsvilla 9

Gurmeet Kavya, Varun Martina, Rajnandini Archie and Nikhil are in the Grand Finale of Splitsvilla 9

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