Jan 27, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 14 Kavya Shreeradhe Hot Fights Dumpings Book of Fortune 27 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 14 Kavya Shreeradhe Hot Fights Dumpings Book of Fortune 27 August 2016 :- The game of love MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 is getting closer to its final stages with every passing day and we’re getting to see a lot of face being revealed true colors coming out as Mia has already backstabbed Martina previous week after which she lost the task now it will be interesting to see whats gonna happen next on the show.


Martina and Varun went to Rajnandini to convince her to save Varun in the next dumping ground she started showing attitude to them asked Martina to dance then she will talk she danced then Rajnandini says she felt very bad when Martina called her Physically and Mentally unfit Martina apologized.

Rest of the boys including Gurmeet and Archie went to Kavya after which she spent some romantic time with Gurmeet alone
Remaining girls including Shreeradhe, Isha and Priya went to Kavya after which she told them to give lap dance to each other and kiss each other

Shreeradhe gave lap dance to Isha

Shreeradhe kissed Kavya Khurana feeding her chocolate from her mouth

At dumping ground Abhishek and Ayaan had a fight where Abhishek got beaten by Ayaan

Rajnandini says to Kavya that she is not straight while Kavya said Rajnandini is a brainless bimbo

Priya opened Book of Fortune

Shreeradhe and Martina got saved

Ramjandini Dumped Priya

Kavya Dumped Karan Chhabra

Shreeradhe and Karan Chhabra had an emotional moment while he is leaving

Book of Fortune opened again

Mia gets a power she can save one of the dumped contestant by sacrificing one of the brother

Zain Sacrificed himself for his brother

Priya gets Saved from Splitsvilla 9

Zain Gets Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

Karan Chhabra Gets Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

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