MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 Mia Wins Task Fights Chocolates Chillies Hot Session 20 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 Mia Wins Task Fights Chocolates Chillies Hot Session 20 August 2016 :- By claming the queens throne and sacrificing it immediately for her love Gurmeet the hot babe of Splitsvilla 9 Kavya Khurana has won everyone’s hearts but soon when the book of fortune turns and she reclaimed her throne she completely changes her stand saying the she is the new hot headed queen of the villa so beaware of her now it will be interesting to see how much more her bond with Martina survives or when we see them against each other soon.


All the splitsvillains received a message to come by the pool side for their next pataTe raho session after which all of them get ready and headed there where Sunny and Rannvijay were waiting for them they were given a entertaining task there where each boy with get one option between schmitten luxury chocolates and red chillies after which with the ingredient he has to draw on a canvas and their connection has to guess what it it.

Kavya Khurana licked Gurmeet face in a very hot manner seeing which everyone gets stunned

The boys have to choose according to them which is the weakest connection they chose Ayaan and Priya after which they got straight into the dumping ground

Then time came for the next task where there was a hurdle course and the task was between the four princesses and their two connection its name was Bajatey Raho Love Triangle

The Splitsvillains went in the following sequences chosen by Mia Lakra and below are the results :

Martina, Varun and Gurmeet – Time (2 minutes and 33 seconds)
Shreeradhe, Karan Khanna and Karan Chhabra – Time (6 minutes and 28 seconds)
Isha, Abhishek and Archie – Time (2 minutes and 38 seconds)
Mia, Ayaan and Zain – Time (2 minutes and 22 seconds) winner

Mia, Zain and Ayaan wins the task

Mia, Ayaan and Zain are safe from next dumping ground

Rest of the contestants are in dumping ground and their fate will be decides next week

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