MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 Kavya Becomes Queen Wild Card Entries Fights Golden Bracelet Task 6 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 Kavya Becomes Queen Wild Card Entries Fights Golden Bracelet Task 6 August 2016 :- Rajandini becomes the new queen of Splitsvilla 9 after which she said that she is the Evil Queen and dumped Varun Sood but as he opened the book of fortune Martina left her throne to save her love which was being appreciated by everyone as its a big sacrifice. Now it will be interesting to watch who will dethrone Rajnandini as we’ll tell you about all this in the article further.



The episode begins with Kavya fighting with Mia as Mia made come comments that Kavya is wearing Sandals borrowed by someone else she abused Mia a lot but later it gets sorted out

Time came for next Patate Raho Session and two new wild card boys entered the villa seeing them all the princesses got stunned

Wild Card Ayaan Enters Splitsvilla 9

Wild Card Zain Abideen Enters Splitsvilla 9

Boys Talent Task

Varun – Physical performance also Varun did push ups while Martina was sitting on his back and Queen Rajnandini like his performance a lot later Rajnandini fight with Martina as she made some comments on her fat body

Archie next performance as he did break dance later on Sunny’s request Archie teaches Sunny Leone break dance after this Nikhil plays Guitar Then rest of the boys gave their performances one by one

Karan Khanna did a classical dance and he dedicated his dance to Karan Chhabra, Priya Haridas and Shreeradhe Khanduja

Nikhil gets safe from dumping ground as it was a unanimous decision by the girls

Wild Card Boys power can give one golden bracelet to each princess

Then time came for the boys decision

Ayaan gives Golden Bracelet to Martina Thariyan

Zain gives Golden Bracelet to Mia Lakra

Phatte aur Pathe task

Semi Final 1

Kavya vs Mia – Mia Wins
Gurmeet vs Zain – Gurmeet Wins
Abhishek vs Nikhil – Abhishek Wins
Kavya Reaches Final

Semi Final 2

Shreeradhe vs Martina – Shreeradhe Wins
Ayaan vs Archie – Archie Wins
Shreeradhe Reaches Final


Shreeradhe vs Kavya – Kavya Wins

Kavya Khurana Becomes the New Queen of Splitsvilla 9

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