Jan 27, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 1 Princesses Boys Introduction Party Dance Who Saves Whom 11 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 1 Princesses Boys Introduction Party Dance Who Saves Whom 11 June 2016 :- The game of love is back with a brand new season as in MTV India youth oriented reality show Splitsvilla 9 we will see 6 Princesses and 15 Boys in a battle of love, friendship and Betrayal and whoever will survive till the end will become the winner of Splitsvilla 9 along with their queen.


In the 1st Episode of Splitsvilla 9 all the boys introduced then Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone entered they both ask them some usual questions like Defination of true love and what you find in the girl of your dreams. Boys answered questions one by one some were good while other are funny. Sunny told them that Princesses don’t want to meet you right now as you have to wait a bit more

Boys entered the villa and it was very beautiful side by side they got a feeling that this time women will rule by reading the quotes written on walls. They received a message to come by the pool side wearing formals as the time has arrived to meet your princesses. Boys started getting ready.

Rannvijay and Sunny are waiting for them and then then the introduction of Princesses/Girls starts and they entered in the following sequence :

Isha Anaand Sharma
Kavya Khurana
Nihharika Ghai
Rajnandini Borpuzari
Mayuri Das
Martina Thariyan

Then Sunny Leone and Rannvijay started explaining Splitsvila 9 rules :

Rule 1 – Ranvvijay and Sunny said that there will be only queen and no king and queen will be ruling over the kingdom

Rule 2 – Boys will never get the power to dump a girl

Then they leave and party begins as everyone begins to dance

Varun approches Martina

Karan Khanna approaches Mayuri

Anuranjan approaches Isha

Harshit Tomar funny rap disturbs Mayuri and Karan while dancing

Karan Chhabra did a sexy dance with Rajnandini and everyone was looking at them

Then the time came for first trust test Girls have to Invite 2 boys to put in safe zone :

Isha chooses Anuranjan and Milind
Niharika chooses Varun and Shubashish
Mayuri chooses Karan Khanna and Archie
Martina chooses Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Akhil Kataria
Rajnandini chooses Karan Chhabra and Harshit Tomar

Kavya chooses Nikhil Sachdeva and Aditya Singh Rajput

Archie by mistake took Kavya name instead of Mayuri funny scene happened everyone laughs

Abhishek, Sushant and Ishaan Singh Manhas are in danger zone of Splitsvilla 9 and they will get get another opportunity to get themselves saved as only one will come back while other two will get dumped.

Must come back again for more updates related to Splitsvilla 9


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