Feb 19, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 9 Dumpings Written Updates 15 August 2015

The game of love MTV Splitsvilla 8 has now become very interesting now as now we have a hunky King “Paras Chhabra and a gorgeous Queen “Subuhi Joshi” with only 7 girls and and 7 hunky boys left in the villa the game has went to a very intense level as we will see love will be tested to the limit in the forthcoming episodes of the show and whichever couple will stay true to each other will be crowned as the Ultimate King and Queen of the MTV Splitsvilla 8 where love is in the air.


The ninth episode of Splitsvilla 8 begins with Ish walking in tension as his connection Vanessa D’Souza went with Paras Chhabra to spent some alone time in the secret space. He confronted her when she came back and they sorted out everything.

All the boys received a message to dress well as they will get a chance to impress the Queen Subuhi Joshi to save themselves from getting dumped. They all tried to impress her a lot but she got too much attracted to Ishaan.

When they came back to Villa Zaan and Ishaan had a fight and it went quite intense. Guys tried to seperate both of them and Zaan almost went to kill him.

Then its time for the dumpings

Male contestants who got dumped in the 9th episode of Splitsvilla 8 August 15, 2015 are :-

Utkarsh Gupta – Safe
Viren Singh Rathore – Quit
Gaurav Arora – Safe
Ishaan P Chibber – Safe
Zaan Khan – Safe
Amaad Mintoo – Safe
Ish Thakkar – Quit

Female contestants who got dumped in the 9th episode of Splitsvilla 8 August 15, 2015 are :-

Mia Lakra – Safe
Vanessa D’Souza – Safe
Sana Sayyad – Safe
Karishma Talwar – Safe
Reshu Singh – Safe
Priyanka Bora – Safe
Anuki Tchokhonelidze – Safe

All the girls were safe in the 15 August 2015 episode of Splitsvilla 8

Ish secret got revealed that he already had a relationship outside the show from three and a half years and he also cried.

Queen Subuhi Joshi also cried as she got very emotional.

Ish Thakkar quits leaves Splitsvilla 8 as he lied them that he is single and out of guilty he quits the shows

Viren Singh Rathore also raised his hand as he is also in a relationship outside the show and he also quits.

Stay tuned with us for further updates of Splitsvilla 8

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