Feb 19, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 7 New King Queen Subuhi Joshi Fights Dumpings 1 August 2015

There is a famous saying in English Love is in the air but sometimes that air contains poison and the same applies to Splitsvilla 8 where to find true love you have to face too much of hurdles and go through a war and in the end whether you succeed or not it all depends on your luck.


In this article we will tell you about who is the new king of splitsvilla 8, what will happen in the 1 August 2015 episode of Splitsvilla 8 Whether Prince Narula come back in the villa or not to find out read :-

In the upcoming 7th episode of Splitsvilla 8 new king contender Gaurav Arora will come as a hero in the villa as everyone under estimated him especially Mia and now he has proven himself that he is wrth this game. Paras and Ishan will be seen having a chat to get Gasurav in their side by impressing him so they will get full control of the game.

There is going to be a physical challenge to select the next king contender and the winner of this will face Gaurav for the King throne of Splitsvilla 8.

According to us either Gaurav or Ishaan is the new king of Splitsvilla 8 to which Subuhi Joshi react by saying he is my king are you a male bimbo.

Prince Narula will definitely come back in Splitsvilla 8 but at a later stage of the game as he is Vanished but not dumped

Stay tuned with us for further updates of Splitsvilla 8

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