Apr 3, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 6 Fights Subuhi Joshi Queen King Dumpings 25 July 2015

To find true love you have to go through a war and it has already begin in MTV Splitsvilla season 8 where we have seen some intense rivalries between the likes of Prince and Shivam, Karishma and Mia. In order to give this fire some for fuel a new female contestant has enterted the villa. Yes you guessed it absolutely right Subuhi Joshi is the new Queen of Splitsvilla 8 and where there is a queen there is a king too.


In this article we will tell you Splitsvilla 8 new king name also who will get dumped by queen Subuhi Joshi and yes about what will happen at the 6th episode of MTV Splitsvilla 8 :

As per our sources in the upcoming 25 July 2015 episode of Splitsvilla 8 Subuhi Joshi will enter the Villa and she will be announced as the new queen of Splitsvilla 8 by Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone. Hearing this all the girls gets shocked. Subuhi Joshi anf Karishma will fight with each other as queen will pass some derogatory comments on her and Karishma will use abusive language against Subuhi to which Sunny Leone will tell her you can leave the show if you want to but don’t cross your limits. Prince is Vanished not got dumped.

Splitsvilla 8 New King contenders are Ishaan P Chibber & Gaurav Arora it has been decided through a task It was a physical challenge. Guys will lift the girls up and they have to pluck red roses hanging in the air by their mouth which ever two couples gets the maximum number of red roses will be the new king contenders.

8 Male Contestants who got dumped by Subuhi Joshi on Splitsvilla 8 are

Prince Narula – Vanished
Abhijit Dutta – Dumped
Utkarsh Gupta – Safe
Viren Singh Rathore – Safe
Shivam Babbar -Dumped
Gaurav Arora – Safe
Yash Pandit – Vanished
Ishaan P Chibber – Safe
Nishant Anand – Dumped
Zaan Khan – Safe
Amaad Mintoo – Safe
Paras Chhabra – Safe
Abhishek Yennam – Dumped
Ish Thakkar – Safe
Prathamesh Maulingker – Dumped
Ravi Shukla – Dumped


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