Jan 28, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 10 Queen Contenders Written Updates 22 August 2015

The game of love and lies MTV Splitsvilla 8 has now reached the mid way and the competitoon become very interesting now as now we have a hunky bad King “Paras Chhabra and a gorgeous mean Queen “Subuhi Joshi” with only 7 girls and and 5 hearthorb boys left in the villa the game has went to an extreme intense level as we will see love will be tested to the limit in the forthcoming episodes of the show and whichever couple will stay loyal with each other will be crowned as the Ultimate King and Queen of the MTV Splitsvilla 8 where love is in the air.


The tenth episode of Splitsvilla 8 starts with Mia showing her true colour as Viren in out of the show so she tries to make conntection with Zaan but Gaurav mocks her ad he and Priyanka makes fun of her. Even Karishma and Priyanka had a fight with Mia.

Earlier morning contestants receive a scroll with a message that time has come to challenge Queen ‘Subuhi Josh-‘ throne and all the girls got very excited hearing this.

Karan Kundra came as a special guest on episode 10 of Splitsvilla 8

The competition was Royal Splash and whichever girl will win is going to be the first queen contender of Splitsvilla 8

These are the pairs for Splitsvilla 8 Royal Splash Queen Contender Challenge

Utkarsh and Sana
Gaurav and Priyanka
Zaan and Vanessa
Ishaan and Reshu
Amaad and Karishma

Parash Chhabra and Subuhi Joshi also came to watch the Queen contender challenge

Vanessa is the first queen contender of Splitsvilla 8 as her partner Zaan took the time of 8 minutes and 38 seconds.

Sunny Leone then said there is going to be a second queen contender of Splitsvilla 8 which is going to be chosen by our vanished celebrity boys Prince Narula and Yash Pandit from Mia and Anuki

Mia Lakra is the second queen contender of Splitsvilla 8 chosen by Prince and Yash

Stay tuned with us for further updates of Splitsvilla 8

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