Feb 25, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 1 Written Details Fights 4 July 2015

The episode begins from Goa with the introduction of heartthrob VJ Rannvijay Singh. He introduces all the female contestants as this season 8 of Splitsvilla is all about what women loves. First was Anuki from Georgia, Sana Saeed from Mumbai who is finding someone special in her life that’s missing. Enakshi Sharma delhi girl and Veronika who wants to male a loyal connection. Next was Mia Lakra who is 22 yrs old and she comes to villa in search of love. All the girls went inside the villa and then in the pool to relax. Rannvijay comes to greet them all.

Then Ranvvijay asked the girls what qualities they want to see in their partner and they toild him one by one. He then went back and introduction of boys started the guys. First was Nishant Anand from Delhi and then comes Abhijeet Singh the Kashmiri charm. Ish and the first thing he sees in a girl are her hair and dressing sense. They entered the Villa and sees 14 hot girls in pool in front of them and they went inside the pool. But only 7 boys have been arrived yet and girls got confused. Rannvijay arrives again He asked the boys who is the most interesting girl according to them and who takes the least initiative. Then asked the girls who made the less effort and Mia take the name of Ravi Shukla and Enakshi started defending him. Then he asked then there needs to be 8 guys not 7 as it is the season eight of Splitsvilla and then Prathmesh arrives. Girls got too much impressed by him.


Rannvijay then asked all the boys to make a decision that which one girl they don’t want to see in Splitsvilla and then asked ladies to make connections with them. Girls started making efforts. Suddenly some guys started misbehaving with Sana which she didn,t liked as they asked her to dance to get saved. Then the time comes for guys to take the final call. Rannvijay gave them heart shaped balloons. He gave guys a dart each to burst the balloons to dump the girls

Here is the list which boy dumped which girl in the first episode of Splitsvilla season 8

Abhijeet – Vaidehi Srivastava
Prathmesh – Vanessa
Ish – Enakshi
Gaurav – Reshu
Shivam – Alisha
Nishant – Harshita
Ravi – Mia
Abhisehk – Sana

Fight of the day – Shivam and Ravi fight with each other as Shivam dumped Alisha who has a good bond with Ravi in the first ep of Splitsvilla 8. The brawl went quite intense as they started kicking and punching each other. Rannvijay had to come to cool them off and stop them.

Karishma stared crying as she got panicked. Rannvijay poured all his anger on Ravi and Shivam.

Then arrives Sunny Leone on a boat in a sexy avatar on song Aao Raja. Sunny Leone told them ki agar aapko pyaar chahiye toh kabhi kabhi ladna parta bhi hai. Sunny told the dumped girls you all are not going anywhere today. So I am here to tell these young ladies one really surprise for you. This playing field is not equal as majority is with boys. The surprise is eight hunky gorgeous men that are about to grace this beach and then the other 8 guys participants arrives and girls got too happy and excited.

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