Jan 25, 2020

MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 Girls Boys Introduction Pool Party Chetan Irritates 5 August 2018

MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 Girls Boys Introduction Pool Party Chetan Irritates 5 August 2018 :- The Game of love has started once again as MTV India Splitsvilla Season 11 has kicked off today with its opening episode. It is one of the most popular youth oriented reality show in India right now and this time around 9 Girls and 10 Boys will compete in it and only final two will become winners as they will emerge as the Ultimate King and Queen.

In the Grand Premiere Episode of Splitsvilla 11 the show started with the hot entry of Sunny Leone on Jeene Na De song then Rannvijay Singha made a stylish entry on Bike. All the girls then made their entry together they all gave their introduction one by one. Then Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone asked them some usual questions like Defination of true love and what do they love. Girls answered questions then Boys introductions started.

Two girls have to come together and have to meet the boys they were all dipped inside chocolate. First two girls were Monal Jagtani and Miera Mishra they met 5 boys. They spent some quality time with them. Monal selected Simba Nagpal while Miera selected Fahad

Next two girls were Aarushi Dutta and Roshni Madhvani Aarushi selected Gaurav while Roshni selected Kabir

After that all the other girls came and selected their guys.

Simba Nagpal was the most selected guy of them all as most girls chose him over other boys Simba finally revealed his identity. Girls got impressed seeing his body.

After that other guys revealed their identities girls got really disappointed seeing Gaurav.

Karan has not got selected by any of the girls.

Then after that 5 more boys were introduced and all the girls got excited they have mask on their faces then guys one by one revealed their faces. After that 10 minutes were being given to all the boys to interact with girls.

Chetan called Tu to Aarushi Handa and she gets angry after that girls have to tell which guy has impressed them the most by kissing boys on cheeks.

  • Shruti Kissed Anshuman
  • Sheeta kissed Shagun Pandey
  • Aarushi Handa kissed Chetan
  • Anushka kissed Puneet
  • Roshni kissed Rohan
  • Anshula kissed Puneet
  • Monal kissed Anshuman
  • Miera kissed Rohan
  • Aarushi Dutta kissed Shagun Pandey

Karan, Kabir and Chetan impressed girls the least Chetan fogets Aarushi Handa first name and the three boys get more time to impress the girls.

Everyone finally enters the villa they got too much happy and excited receiving gifts from OPPO then girls take their rooms then there was some arguments as girls started targeting her. Chetan and Aarushi Dutta had a good conversation. Then they received their first message as girls have to get ready for their first pool date with Karan, Kabir and Chetan.

Chetan once again pissed off the girls at the pool Karan gave Miera a foot massage Chetan called Aarushi Handa a good friend and girls started taunting him. He sings Paani Da Rang Dekh Ke song girls made fun of him as they got irritated. Then finally Rannvijay came he offered all the girls drinks then girls have to tell who is the least impressive as per them by throwing drink on them.

About 8 girls out of 9 throws drink on Chetan

Rannvijay tells Chetan that he will get a secret session with Oracle and he can ask it that whether one of the girl is his ideal match or not and if that girls is really his ideal match then his life with that girl will be good in Villa otherwise there will be a price to pay everyone gets shocked hearing this.

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