MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 7 Baseer Naina Oracle Risky Frisky Task Winner Fights 3 Sept 2017

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Episode 7 Baseer Naina Oracle Risky Frisky Task Winner Fights 3 Sept 2017 :- The game of love Splitsvilla 10 is getting more and more interesting with every passing episode with the first ideal match ‘Akshita & Siddharth’ already been found now all the contestants are trying their level best to find out their perfect matches as well Priyank and Divya are also facing some problems as Priyank wants to go in front of Oracle with Nivedita which Divya doesn’t like.

The episode starts with all the contestants coming in Dome with Sunny Leone and Rannvijay waiting for them there all the contestants and the 3 pairs were given the choice to vote by writing their names on the cue cards.

  • Ripu voted against Anmol mohit
  • steffi voted against Priyank Nivedita
  • Akash voted against Priyank Nivedita
  • Nachiket voted against Anmol Mohit
  • Hritu voted against Priyank Nivedita
  • Maddy voted against Priyank and Nivedita
  • Esha voted against Priyank and Nivedita
  • Alisha voted against Priyank and Nivedita
  • Haneet voted against Priyanka and Nivedita
  • Divya voted against Mohit and Anmol

Divya said that if Priyanka and Nivedita become a ideal match then its well and good otherwise she will go with Baseer

Divya gets emotional during the dome she said that she has true feelings for Priyank and he knows everything

Naina said that if she doesn’t become ideal match with Baseer then she will not leave him as she will not become another Divya she rather prefer to leave the show. Baseer and Naina holds each other hands.

Divya started crying a lot and Priyank went there to comfort her. Seeing this even Nivedita started crying as she felt bad.

There were 7 voites against Priyank and Nivedita so they cant go in front of Oracle

Siddharth and Akshita chose Baseer and Naina to go in front of the Oracle

Baseer and Naina voted against Maddy to get him eliminated from the show

Esha gets emotional as she doesn’t want Maddy to go

Baseer and Naina went in front of the Oracle and the Oracle says that they are not an ideal match as a result of which Maddy gets saved
Baseer and Haneet had a heated argument during the dome session even Priyank supported Baseer there. Baseer said that he will not swtch even not becoming an ideal match and Naina said that she will not leave the show they both shared a romantic moment.

Back in the villa everyone starts backbiting Steffi made a lie about Baseer and it came hard on her back

Next morning everyone gets a message from Rannvijay and Sunny Leone to come for their Baewatch Session and they went their after getting ready the name of the Session was Rishy Frisky

Esha and Anmol teams

Team Anmol – Naina, Nivedita, Divya
Team Esha – Alisha, Hritu, Steffi

The girls have to save their boys ideal match have to select a boy the boy will select a girl from his team and the opposite team can counter with a girl

First boy went Maddy he choose Hritu and Anmol sent Divya
Team Esha wins first round
Second boy went Baseer he choose Naina and Anmol sent Steffi
Team Esha wins second round
Third boy went Ripu he choose Esha and Anmol came herself
Team Esha wins third round
Fourth boy went Priyanka he choose Nivedita and Esha sent Alisha
Team Esha wins fourth round
Team Esha wins Risky Frisky Task by 4 – 0

The eight boys get a happy news that they will get to date the four girls as they will pick one each

Naina and Siddharth had a heated argument during Baewatch session as he accused her of creating Groups He said that she is taking even Akshita for granted Baseer supported Naina during that.

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