MTV Roadies X4 Pune Auditions Episode 4 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 12 March 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Pune Auditions Episode 4 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 12 March 2016 :- The auditions for India’s most popular and longest running youth oriented reality series ‘MTV Roadies X4′ are going in full swing as we have seen in the previous episodes how our four Gang Leaders which are Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Sushil Kumar and Karan Kundra selected the deserving contestants in their respective teams. Now its time for Pune auditions and it will be interesting to see who will impress the judges there.


Episode 4 of Roadies X4 begins with two best friends coming for auditions named Sabby and Priyanka judges welcomed them and asked them are you best friends they said yes then judges seperated them and starts asking them questions. Leaders asked Priyanka give reasons why Sabby should not be selected and she tells after that Sabby came and they made some fun of their friendship.

They asked them few questions

Sabby gives Priyanka – 9 in Looks, 5 in Intelligence, 8 in Entertainment, 8 in Morals and 9 in Strength

Priyanka gives Sabby – 9 in Looks, 3 in intelligence, 10 in Entertainment and 0 in Strength

Both the girls then did dance on Chikni Chameli and Sabby was looking very hot then judges asked them to do plank and Sabby failed to do

Judges told Priyanka to stand up and asked her to go back and tells Sabby to
convince them to select her and no one selected her same goes for Priyanka and even no one turns the key for her.

Next to come was a mother son duo Naaz and Jatin and then leaders told them it will become hard if we select you both to make you compete against each other. Neha Dhupia asked Naaz to take off her shoes and sit on electric current chair. Then they told Jatin to come and asked Naaz to give reason on why her son should be selected and Jatin has to give current to her mother on every reason.

Naaz started giving reasons and Jatin starts giving her shocks after which judges asked him to stop. Rannvijay started trolling him and his mother stopped them but they still grilled him. Neha asked Jatin what was going through your mind when you were pressing that button and he said that it was a mistake then he cried and aplologized to his mother and judges told him that you are not selected after which Chandigarh auditions gets over.


Now Pune auditions starts and crowd was going crazy and then Personal Interviews starts and first contest came was Balraj Singh Khera after which Judges told him to do Bhangra and he was quite impressive. He said that he is a freelancer personal trainer then they told him to do sit ups on the bed of nails and he did quite successfully then time came for final decision and all four leaders turned the keys and he chose to go in Karan Kundra’s Gang.

Thereafter was the turn of Bhushan and judges gets shocked reading him form and Karan Kundra throws coffee on his face. He puts a Gun on GD Moderators head last year and said sorry. He also said that he slapped his girlfriend and he starts slapping on his face. Judges grilled him a lot and no one selected him in their team.


Up next was the turn of a MMA fighter named Yogesh and he was quite tall and he said that he recently won a Gold Medal in a state level tournament. Sushil Kumar teaches him a technique after which Yogesh felt unconscious Sushil wakes him up. Yogesh said that he wants to be like Sushil Kumar.

Sushil Kumar asked him to climb the rope he did it successfully then Sushil Kumar did the same and he was 10 times awesome then Yogesh. Then Yogesh gave a dance performance to entertain them and time come for decision and Sushil Kumar selected him in his team.


After that comes Rohan Pillai and he entertained judges a lot with his jolly attitude and martial arts moves. Neha and Karan turned the key and Rohan chose to go in Neha Dhupia’s Gang.


Tej got selected in Rannvijay Singha’s Gang


Hitesh got selected in Rannvijay Singha’s Gang


Ashish got selected in Rannvijay Singha’s Gang

The Gangs that were selected by the four leaders of Roadies X4 in the first four episodes Pune Auditions are as follows :-

Rannvijay Singha Gang – Rubal Dhankar, Karishma, Tarasha Diva, Hitesh, Tej and Ashish
Sushil Kumar Gang – Bharati Bhati, Rohi, Navdeesh Arora and Yogesh
Karan Kundra Gang – Kavya, Mahamedhaa, Kabir, Gaurav, Shivangi Walia and Balraj Singh Khera
Neha Dhupia Gang – Anseela, Yuvraj Sharma, Mandeep, Divya, Satish and Rohan Pillai

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