MTV Roadies X4 Episode 22 Journey 16 Written Updates 5th June 2016 Rubal & Tarasha Gets Eliminated Semi Final Task

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 22 Journey 16 Written Updates 5th June 2016 Rubal & Tarasha Gets Eliminated Semi Final Task :- From Karan Kundra’s Gang in Roadies X4 two contestants got eliminated in the previous episode which are Gaurav and Benafsa after which only Balraj left in his team while on the other side karishma, divya and Anamika from team Rannvijay, Neha and Prince gets direct entry as Semi Finals of the longest running Indian reality series.


Episode 22 of Roadies X4 starts with Scroll to the Contestants. It was the Entry of contestants at fearful scary Task location. Contestants have to play in Pair.

Divya-Satish, Navdeesh-Anamika, Karishma-Balraj, Rubal-Tarasha paired for the Task.

Girls have to sleep inside coffin and boys have to solve the Questions and Digg out the Partner from the coffin.

Whoever competes Faster gets entry into the Semi-Finale and whoever lost the task at Fourth Position have to Go Home

Rubal-Tarasha did not completed task and Lost the coffin task. Rannvijay was Upset as he lost Strongest Contestants. Tarasha losing the Game because of the Rubal’s deeds.

Roadies X4 Elimination 5th June – Tarasha-Rubal Eliminated from the Roadies X4

Tarasha & Rubal Gets Eliminated from Roadies X4

Divya-Satish took 12 minutes Time
Navdeesh-Anamika took 13 minutes 3 seconds Time
Karishma-Balraj took 10 minutes 30 seconds Time

Semi Finalists – Karishma-Balraj Entered to Semi-Finale

Balraj-Karishma completed the Task faster and secured their place into the Semi Finale.

Balraj and Karishma wins Semi Final Task of Roadies X4

Later it was the Conversation among the Gang Leaders as Neha decided to leave the show because she is not agree with the Game rule and Decision as Navdish-Satish both are in danger zone and they both might go home at the Same Time. Still not Decided who is Going home. Will be revealed in Next Episode.

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