MTV Roadies X4 Episode 21 Journey 15 Written Updates 4th June 2016 Gaurav & Benafsha Gets Eliminated Semi Final Task

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 21 Journey 15 Written Updates 4th June 2016 Gaurav & Benafsha Gets Eliminated Semi Final Task :- As Wild cards Balraj and Tarasha has once again made a come back in Roadies X4 in place of Saad and Hifsa who got eliminated and are no more contestants. Now it will be interesting to see what are going to be the new group dimensions as all the four gangs of Ranvijay Singha, Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula are appearing equally strong.


Episode 21 of Roadies X4 starts with Rannvijay gang won Immunity in Archary task and that is why Rannvijay has power to immune non immune roadies. He has the Power to save one from the Other three Gang Leaders’ (Prince, Neha, Karan) Team.

Rannvijay saved Navdeesh. Next was the Open Vote Out Process. Gaurav received maximum vote out requests and that is why he is Eliminated from Roadies. Gurav (Team Karan Kundra) evicted from Roadies Journey.

Gaurav Gets Eliminated from Roadies X4

Next was the Task to get Direct Etnry into the Semi Finale. 3 Contestant Total ( 1 in each gang ) has the chance to go into the Semi Finale. Gang Leaders selected who gonna play the task.

Neha allowed – divya
Karan allowed – benafsa
Rannvijay allowed -karishma
Prince allowed – Anamika

Cage Task to get Direct entry into Semi-Finale – It was the Task in Cage. Where Girls have to Stand upon the Drum inside the Cage and control themselves to stay on the Drum. Girls are Given Hand support only to balance themselves on the Drum. Meanwhile other Gang members tries to attack and forces from outside the cage to imbalance the Contestant in Cage. It was interesting thriller task.

Divya, Karishma and Anamika took more than 1 minute and stands longer into the Task. Benafsa (Karan Kundra Gang) stands for only 13 Seconds and that is why she Eliminated from the show.

Divya, Karishma and Anamika wins Semi Final Task of Roadies X4

Benafsha Gets Eliminated from Roadies X4

So It was Total Two Elimination on 4th June Episode – Gaurav, Benafsa evicted from Team Karan Kundra.

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