MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Journey 12 Written Updates 22 May 2016 Yogesh Gets Eliminated Immunity Task

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Journey 12 Written Updates 22 May 2016 Yogesh Gets Eliminated Immunity Task :- In yesterday’s Thimpu journey episode of Roadies X4 we have seen Neha Dhupia’s team won the task after which we further seen that Karishma from Rannvijay’s Gang wins immunity but now it is yet to be seen who will she nominate for the vote out in her place.


Vote out begins and Karishma nominates Hifsa in her place for the voting process. Voting begins and then time came for results and below are the results of 22 May 2016 vote out of Roadies X4 :

Yogesh – 8 Votes

Shivangi – 3 Votes

Hifsa – 2 Votes

Yogesh Gets Eliminated from Roadies X4

Navdeesh after the vote out made a weird comment and Rannvijay gets angry on him. Everyone gets emotional seeing Yogesh going and he had a romantic moment with Gaelyn.

Next day time came for next destination which is Punakha and their was a task arranged for the contestants which is for immunity and in this task a guy and a girl from each gang can take part.

Shivangi did the task from Karan Kundra’s gang but later she gets replaced by Benafsha due to some medical issues

Iron Bridge Immunity Task Teams :

Anamika and Navdeesh – Prince Narula Gang
Karishma and Rubel – Rannvijay Singha Gang
Anseela and Satish – Neha Dhupia Gang
Gaurav and Benafsha – Karan Kundra Gang

Anamika & Navdeesh Wins Immunity Task with time 3:08 Seconds

After the victory of Anamika and Navdeesh they both gets immune and no one can vote out them in the next vote out process

Gaelyn gives another opportunity to the remaining gangs but they have to bid the Gang with lowest time will get another chance if they complete in the bid time then their whole team will get immune otherwise they have to eliminate one member straight away and still they can get immune by completing the task

Karan Kundra Bids 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds

From Karan Kundra Gang Gaurav and Karan did the task and the result is yet to be revealed

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