MTV Roadies X4 Episode 17 Journey 11 Written Updates 21 May 2016 Dance Comedy Benafsha Hot Chikni Chameli

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 17 Journey 11 Written Updates 21 May 2016 Dance Comedy Benafsha Hot Chikni Chameli :- We all have seen in the previous episode of MTV Roadies X4, how the two contestants Ocean and Tarasha got eliminated in a double vote out which resulted one less member in Neha Dhupia Gang and Rannvijay Singha Gang. In the latest episode we will get to see everyone heading to Thimpu where a fun & hot dance faceoff will happen between all the gangs and we will provide you all the details regarding it.


The episode 17 of Roadies X4 starts with contestants getting a scroll and in that it was written that today contestants have to perform in front of the local audience of Thimpu, Bhutan and the performance needs to be funny and there needs to be dance included in it.

All the gangs started their practice and then the time came for the live show in front of a big crowd firstly on public demand Neha Dhupia’s gang go and they did a funny radio show in which all three members become fake Rannvijay, Prince and Karan Kundra they made too much fun of them after which they did a dance on Vicky Donor song and Satish also shows off his awesome moves.

Then was the turn of Karn Kundra’s Gang Benafsha gave a very hot dance performance on Chikni Chameli song and everyone got stunned. She is looking too sexy and Karan did the role of a flirt and he asks her for a date but she said my sister is hotter then me and then the other member who is a male came and starts dancing on Beedi Jalai Le song and the skit ended in a funny way.

After that Rannvijay and his Gang did a classroom act and also Prince and his gang did a fun drama too in which Yogesh dance on Saree Ke Fall Sa song.

Neha Dhupia Gang wins the Dance Comedy Task 

Thee Gang Members were gone next day and Gaelyn told that it was those you nominated then they were placed in a hut and the Gangs were given a task to convince them to get out of the hut if your Gang members stays then he/she will get the power to nominate anyone of you and then the convincing starts.

The members that were in the hut includes Shivangi, Karishma and Yogesh and finally Yoigesh surrenders but Karishma & Shivangi stays. An ice bucket has been sent and they both were given the task to stand in it later on one leg.

Karishma wins the Ice Bucket Task in Roadies X4

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