MTV Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions Episode 2 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 27 February 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions Episode 2 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 27 February 2016 :- One of the most popular youth oriented Indian reality show MTV Roadies X4 latest season started previous week with Delhi auditions where we have seen all the four gang leaders Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar auditioned the aspirants after which they selected them in their respective gangs. It will be interesting to see how the gangs will appear once the Delhi auditions of Roadies X4 gets over.


Delhi Auditions Episode 2 of Roadies X4 begins with the continuation of audition of Anseela from Bhutan she said that she got drugged and also her dad got attacked viciously in tea garden by some goons and she said that her mother hides this incident from her but judges got angry and trolled her. She said that she had even hurt herself and shown some scars on her arms.


Rannvijay asked her to remove her head gear and said that she is looking very pretty without this to which Neha Dhupia said that she has lost her character and not looking good. Neha and Rannvijay had a heated argument over this.

Finally its time for decision and Neha Dhupia turned the key after which Anseela got selected in her gang.


Next to arrive was Kavya from Delhi and she told why she wants to become a Roadie. She asked can I remove my Jacket to which Neha said yeah if you are comfortable. Karan Kundra dances with her as she said that she wants to flirt with him.

Kavya tied Karan with handcuffs to a chair and brought a whip with which she spanked him and gave him a hot dance performance seeing which everyone gets shocked. She said a beautiful Shayari for Karan Kundra and he selected Kavya in his gang.


Then was the turn of Mahamedhaa who was a social activist and former DU Vice President and from ABVP. She said that she hits a female constable during a protest and she said that day a lot of her pictures got published in the newspapers. She told them a story about how one of her friend got sexually abused by her father after which she committed suicide and she even failed to do anything for her. They appreciated her for her efforts and Karan Kundra selected Mahameedha in his gang.


After that there comes Yuvraj Sharma singing a partiotic song and He said that he is a good speaker holds stages for celebs like Honey Singh and Kapil Sharma won 18 gold medals. Neha told him that you talk more like a politician and he said that he wants to remove his shirt and Rannvijay said do it then

Rannvijay tells him to do the push ups but he fails to do but then he did 5 front rolls. Karan and Neha Dhupia selected him in his team but he preferred to go in Neha Dhupia’s gang.

Then arrives three girls and they came to promote their upcoming show Girls on Top.


After that came Tarasha Diva and she is a basketball player. Rannvijay told her to flirt with Karan Kundra but she failed to do after that Neha Dhupia came on stage and Neha tells her what to do and then she did it with grace. After that they told her to do push ups but she failed later Karan Kundra helped her and after that Rannvijay throws a bottle at her but she haven’t catched it.

Then comes the time for decision and Ranvvijay, Neha and Karan turns the keys after which she chose to go in Rannvijay Singha’s team.


After that Kabir selected in Karan Kundra’s Gang


Mandeep selected in Neha Dhupia’s Gang


Sushil Kumar selects Rohit in his gang


After that comes the contestant who auditions previous year too Divya with an all new avatar and she said that can I do push ups with clap and seeing her impressive performance Neha Dhupia selected her in her Gang.

Next week you all will get to see Chandigarh auditions of MTV Roadies X4

The Gangs that were selected by the four leaders of Roadies X4 in the first two episodes Delhi Auditions are as follows :-

Rannvijay Singha Gang – Rubal Dhankar, Karishma and Tarasha Diva
Sushil Kumar Gang – Bharati Bhati and Rohit
Karan Kundra Gang – Kavya, Mahamedhaa and Kabir
Neha Dhupia Gang – Anseela, Yuvraj Sharma, Mandeep and Divya

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