MTV Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions Episode 1 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 20 February 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions Episode 1 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 20 February 2016 :- The longest running Indian reality series is back with its latest season as MTV India’s popular show Roadies X4 has started and this time there are going to be four gangs which are of Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar. We will provide you all the exclusive updates of auditions and journey’s too.


Delhi Auditions Episode 1 of Roadies X4 begins with All the four gang leaders joking in the Vanity Van which includes Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar. Then comes host Gaelyn Mendonca telling what it needs to be a Roadie and introducing the massive crowd outside Noida Auto Expo Centre.

Then all the four Gang Leaders came face to face with the crowd and they told them this time they will ride Renault Duster Cars instead of Hero Bikes. They also told them what they are looking for. Group discussions begins and some of the best ones as per moderators selected for Personal Interviews of Delhi Auditions of Roadies X4.

First contest that came for auditions was Bharati Bhati and she was a girl from Noida who looks more like guys than girls. She said that people told him that she looks somewhat like Karan Kundra. She even said that girls flirt with her constantly. Also she claimed that a girl has given her a marriage proposal. Bharati also sung Tung Tung from Singh is Bling. Judges call her father on stage he cried with proud and they hug her. She also cried and thanked her father.


Rannvijay gave her a task to lift Karan Kundra and Bharati lifts him. Sushi and Karan turns the key and selects her and finally Bharati Chose to go in Sushil Kumar’s gang.

Next came Vikas and he said that he will become the villain of this season. He enters the room and Rannvijay gave him a piece of Apple and asked him his full name to which he replied Vikas the Psycho. Rannvijay gets angry at him and asks him to remove his Jacket then asks him his name again to which he said Vikas Chandel.

Ranvvijay asked him about his childhood to which he said his father expired when he was five and he worked as a Gigolo then to earn money. Then they read his answers where he wrote women with short clothes actually invite men to tease them reading which Neha Dhupia got angry and trolled him. Rannvijay read one of his answers where he has written that he mostly hits his sister when she tries something out of our morals and culture. They trolled him a lot and tell him to get out. Vikas went out and starts slapping himself.

Up next came was Rubal Dhankar who was a officer in Delhi Police from last 6 years. Rannvijay asked him can he take a bribe in Roiadies to which he said no as he is here to build his image. Then he says he can dance and Neha Dhupia came to dance with him and then they dance together. Neha then told Rubal to take off his Jacket and T Shirt too. Everyone got impressed seeing his awesome muscular body and then Rannvijay asked him to do squats on a drum and he did quite easily then he told him to balance on its curvy side and sing a song for Neha Dhupia but he not did it that well.


All the four gang leaders turns the key and Rubal chose to go in Rannvijay Singha’s team. Then Rannvijay gave him his teams dog tag and they posed together.

Thereafter came Shubhpreet Kaur who is from Delhi and she was talking only in English. They gave her some dance moves to do but she failed big time. They then gave her a lot of tasks but she said no to all of them. No one chose her.


Then came a girl wearing a Bikini and a Short Skirt. She had awesome abs and Neha touched them and her name was Karishma. She said that she’s a fitness athlete. She showcased her body and a guy challenged her to do single hand push ups and the she defeated him. Rannvijay and Neha Dhupia turns the key. Karishma chose to go in Rannvijay Singha’s gang. He gave her his dog tag and did some body building poses with her.

Then it was the turn of Anseela and she said that she is from Bhutan. She said that she was being enforced to take drugs and then too be continued…

The Gangs that were selected by the four leaders of Roadies X4 in the first episodes Delhi Auditions are as follows :-

Rannvijay Singha Gang – Rubal Dhankar and Karishma
Sushil Kumar Gang – Bharati Bhati
Karan Kundra Gang –
Neha Dhupia Gang –

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