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MTV Roadies X4 Chandigarh Auditions Episode 3 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 5 March 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Chandigarh Auditions Episode 3 Gangs Selected Contestants Names with Pics Written Updates 5 March 2016 :- The auditions for India’s longest running reality series ‘MTV Roadies X4’ has already started and we have seen how during the Delhi’s personal interviews all the aspirants were being tested by the four Gang Leaders which are Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Sushil Kumar and Karan Kundra. Now its time for Chandigarh auditions and lets see who will impress the judges there.


Chandigarh Auditions Episode 3 of Roadies X4 starts with the local crowd getting excited for their auditions host Gaelyn Mendonca says Chandigarh Are you ready and the group discussions begins after which the best ones in the GD’s got selected for the Personal Interviews next day.


Day 2 begins and Chandigarh Roadies PI starts first aspirant come and his name was Navdeesh Arora and he greets judges and he says that he is learning to dance they played the music and he dances and judges got impressed after which they told him to do single leg squats but he failed

The judges gave him a spoon and asks him to put it in his mouth and Karan Kundra did the same as Rannvijay asks him to hit with the spoon on Karan’s neck and he will do the same and they played a prank with Navdeesh and made too much fun of him.

Then Karan Kundra asked him to sit on an electric chair and asks him to do a scene when he was doing the scene Karan’s presses the chair button with his foot and he gets a shock everyone laughs seeing his reactions. Rannvijay throws a challenge at him and asks him to put the ball in the basket and he did that in the first try then its time for the decision and Sushil Kumar turns the key and selects him in his Gang.


Next came was Gaurav and they told him to sit on the electric chair and he sung a rap song created by him while getting continuous shocks. Sushil Kumar hugs him. They asked him to do sit ups on a bed full of nails and he did it quite well then they told him to do tough push ups and he succeeded now its time for the decision and Sushil Kumar, Neha Dhupia & Karan Kundra turns the key and he chose to go in Karan Kundra’s team.

After that it was the turn of a bald guy named Kandeel Gupta and judges started reading his form and they didn’t like how he filled it and they also didn’t like his behaviour after which they trolled him. They gave him water to drink and he throws it on his head and the mike gets defected by this to which judges says that now he has to pay for it. Then they asked him to sit on electric chair and asks him to sing Twinkle Twinkle and he immediatly takes off his feet after getting shock and he aruges with them after which judges told him to get out.


Its the turn of 21 years old Shivangi Walia then and she says that she runs 100 metres in 11 seconds to which judges told her to run and she did it in a very funny manner. She says that she also plays football and then they asked her many questions but she proves out to be a total dumb. They made too much fun of her and laughed a lot. After that its time for the final decision and Karan Kundra turns the key and selects her in his team.


The next candidate was Satish and he wrote in his form that if his gender gets changed for one day then the first thing he will do is to marry Rannvijay and then they asked him to dress like a girl and made fun of him. Then he did a hybrid dance of Karate and Gymnastic. He then said that he saved a girl from committing suicide in his college and then it was the time for the decision and no one selects him in their gangs.

Judges discusses as according to them they made a mistake by not selecting him and they called him back and all the four leaders turned the key after which Satish chose to go in Neha Dhupis’s Gang.

Chandigarh auditions of Roadies X4 will continue next week

The Gangs that were selected by the four leaders of Roadies X4 in the first three episodes Chandigarh Auditions are as follows :-

Rannvijay Singha Gang – Rubal Dhankar, Karishma and Tarasha Diva
Sushil Kumar Gang – Bharati Bhati, Rohit and Navdeesh Arora
Karan Kundra Gang – Kavya, Mahamedhaa, Kabir, Gaurav and Shivangi Walia
Neha Dhupia Gang – Anseela, Yuvraj Sharma, Mandeep, Divya and Satish

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