MTV Roadies X4 Audition Tips to Clear Group Discussion & Personal Interview

MTV Roadies X4 Audition Tips to Clear Group Discussion & Personal Interview :- The time of the year has arrived again when thousands of aspirants will travel to various cities of India with the desire to get selected for the Roadies X4 which will air on television next year in 2016. In this post we will guide you all on how to get chosen for the upcoming season of MTV Roadies.


Firstly before going to a Roadies audition dress properly we are not saying you to wear some that will caught everyones attention but wear something that suits your personality.

When you go for the audition the first thing you will get is your identity number which is going to be something like this

For males – M1017
For Females – F1017

Remember that this number is your only mark of identification so keep that in mind that it should not get fade

After that you will get your Roadies X4 Audition Form

How to fill Roadies X4 Audition Form

Before filling the form keep following things in mind :

1. Don’t use abusive language as it can cause you some serious consequences

2. Form contains some questions which will give judges an idea of your personality so answer every single question carefully

3. Be interesting while answering your questions it will definitely help you

4. Don’t leave any question unanswered

5. You can answer questions both in Hindi and English as well as Hinglish language

Tips to Clear GD Round of Roadies X4

The next thing is the Group Discussion Round of Roadies X4 Auditions and in the GD room keep the following things in mind

1. Try to gain as much attention as you can while giving your point of view

2. Moderators can ask you to discuss on any topic related to superheroes, cricket matches, adult topics, politics etc so be prepared to have a healthy discussion on any of these topics

3. Don’t abuse in the GD room but if someone other do so then never back down give them a proper tit for tat answer without using any inappropriate language

4. Be as much confident as you can and nervousness should not be seen on your face

5. Before leaving the GD room don’t forget to shake hands with the moderator as it will leave a good impression

Tips to Clear Personal Interview of Roadies X4

Now if you have cleared the GD round and have received a call for the PI of Roadies X4 Audition these are the tips that will help you in getting selected

1. You will be interviewed outside the PI room be somewhat funny or interesting in front of the anchor.

2. When you enter the PI room greet all the four judges by saying hello or namaste before sitting

3. Don’t sit until they tell you

4. They will ask you to give your introduction but don’t give them a CV and tell them about some interesting moments of your life

5. Be yourself and don’t try to intimate someone else who you are not

6. If they ask you to entertain then do something you are specialized in whether dancing, singing, comedy, mimicry etc

7. Judges might also give you some task which may be impossible for you to do but never say no always give a try

After all this if any of the four Roadies X4 Gang Leaders ‘Rannvijay Singha, Karan Kundra, Sushil Kumar and Neha Dhupia’ got impressed by you then they will take you in their gang by pressing the buzzer otherwise try your luck next year.

Keep checking for more updates of Roadies X4

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