Jan 29, 2020

MTV Roadies X2 Grand Finale Winner Prince Narula Written Details


MTV Roadies X2 Grand Finale show begins with VJ Bani J explaining the challenges to both the finalists Gurmeet and Prince Narula. There is a Obsticle course including of tasks they have performed earlier this season. It comprises of 5 phases. Firstly they have to find 50 balls out of the mud pit and one ex Roadie will stop the contestant chosen by the opposing team Gang leader. Once its done you have to go in the second pit but this time they will face their challenger in the pit with a weapon in their hand. Third Phase comprises of electric tunnel and they have to take out of 5 carabinas with keys inside and unlock three locks to take out bamboo sticks. Fourth one was the bridge task where Gang members and leaders will supoort them in a broken bridge with one carabina less so they have to jump to finish it. At last they will pick the Roadies Flag. One person who will finish the task first will be the winner of Roadies X2.
Who will do the task first was decided by a toss and Rannvijay Singha Gang won the toss and Prince decided to go second. He chose Rajat as Gurmeet opponent for Mud Pit Challenge while Vijender selected Amaneet for Prince Narula. Both leaders started briefing their protege

The task begin Gurmeet goes with great speed but Rajat was also giving him some very tough time. He was not letting Rajat to hold his hands.Gurmeet tapped out all of a sudden.It started again with only 5 balls left and everyone was cheering for him. He finished it at quick pace. Next he went against Prince. He started collecting the balls and Prince was hitting him brutally with the rope with a rock ball. One time the Ball hits Gurmeet mouth but surprisingly he continued the task and finished it very well. Then comes the time for the electric tunnel Gurmeet went quickly by taking regular shock collecting all the keys.

In next stage he need to cross the bridge while his Gang leader and two other roadies will help him from his Gang. He successfully crossed it quite quickly and in the end he needs to make steps by bamboo sticks and in the heat of the moment one step falls down but he recovers it and finishes all the phases.

There comes the turn of the Prince he started in a bad way as Amaneet comes like a angry bull to finish him off and he taps out in less than a minute. In the next turn he hits his nose with his Knee after that Prince threatened him that he will hit him in return and after than Prince did it in a heroic manner. Rannvijay praised him. Up next he faced Gurmeet in the mud pit where he hits him very hard like arch rivals hit each other. He successfully finished the stage 2.

In the coming stage he needs to go in the electric tunnel. Martina said All the best Prince. He started taking continuous shocks taking keys by unlocking carabinas. He did it while screaming. Then comes his turn to make the bridge where Varun, Aviral and Rannvijay helped him. He completed it. Then in the last stage he needs to make the bamboo sticks steps and he successfuly finished it and completed his task.

Both the Gang Leaders Rannvijay and Vijender praised their efforts. Then they all tells Bani about their experience Esha Deol calls it once in a lifetime journey while Karan Kundra calls it pretty awesome. Vijender and Rannvijay becomes friends again.

Here comes the time for the results Bani tell the times

Gurmeet time was 4 minutes and 20 seconds

Prince time was 3 minutes and 38 seconds

Winner of MTV Roadies X2 is Prince Narula

Gang Rannvijay winner MTV Roadies X2

Reward – Prince gets 5 Lakh Rupess cash price and a Hero Karizma ZMR as roadies pride but he gives his bike to Gurmeet.


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