MTV Roadies Rising Episode 3 Ahmedabad Auditions Written Updates 4 March 2017 Selected Contestants

MTV Roadies Rising Episode 3 Ahmedabad Auditions Written Updates 4 March 2017 Selected Contestants :- Another season of MTV Youth oriented task based show Roadies Rising has been started as Pune auditions has already ended and 6 Roadies have been selected from there who will represent their Gang Leaders in the journey. Spin master Harbhajan Singh is also a part of the show this year and he brings twist with his Googlies now its turn for Ahmedabad and it will be interesting to see how many contestants gets selected from the city of Jalebi Phaphra.

After thrilling Pune auditions previous week now the time has came for the Ahmedabad Auditions of MTV Roadies Rising VJ Gaelyn gave the introduction and judges came out of Renault Duster cars Group Discussions happened and time came for the next round.

Ahmedabad auditions Day 2 personal interviews starts first contestant came his name is Anshuman and he’s a Rajput he enters the room Rannvijay asks him do you have a girlfriend he says I had but she left me and I believe in true love Rannvijay asked a counter question that your sister and best friend did court marriage so why are you against her thrown her out of the house he starts giving explanations. Anshuman says he find a MP boy for his sister Rannvijay says who are you to do that. He has also hit his sister and he says that he did that because she had broken his trust he says the problem was she lied to me the most embarrassing moment for him was when he got insulted because of his sister in the society. Karan Kundra slapped Anshuman then shouts on him throws for on him Karan says people like you doesn’t deserve to live on earth then scolds him a lot he called him double standard Anushka says that I want to come on this show to make right everything I have done wrong they all say we cannot select a person like you they were telling him to go out but he did not finally Prince throws him out.

Next contestant came her name is Meenal she gave herself 10/10 on entertainment she says I want to dance and dances on Kar Gayi Chull gets really hot and closer with Karan Kundra did a duet with him he gets shy performance over. Neha compliments Meenal saying its too difficult to dance in such an open manner. Rannvijay and Prince made fun of Karan Kundra after that she tells her sad story after that her mom died when she was 13 and she managed everything herself. Even her parents got divorced at such a young age judges got emotional. Judges praised her and says we are looking for Warriors you have already won battle of life. Meenal says a guy came in my life at the age of 16 but he cheated me. Rannvijay asked Meenal how you felt that time she says I went to road and cried alone she further says that guy told him the money I spent on you till today I want all of that back and says I decided that day I will become strong so that no one can cheat me. She tells that she has not had a serious relationship after that but has fulfilled ll her fantasies. The time came for the selection Neha Dhupia and Prince pressed buzzer then they gave their reasons situation gets a bit funny finally Meenal decides to go in Prince Narula’s Gang.

Some funny and interesting contestants also came on the Ahmedabad auditions and Gang Leaders had too much of fun with them.

Up next a South Indian contestant came he is from Andhra Pradesh his name is Chiranjeevi he came wearing a Lungi. Rannvijay had some fun jokes wiith him they asked him his full name he tells they ask that why he came wearing a Lungi he says I will even wear it while doing task He was a Pandit by profession he tells his sad story to judges he just wants to earn money he became a priest because of his bad financial status. Chiranjeevi has a dream of become popular he did bowling like Harbhajan Singh then Bhajji showed him how to bowl. On gang leaders request Chiranjeevi did a superb dance with VJ Gaelyn later Gang leaders and Harbhajan Singh too joined him. Raanvijay asks because of being a cool Pandit you definitely have many fans Chiranjeevi says if I am happy that I wouldn’t have came here. They gave him a challenge tells him to do pulls ups but he has not got selected because of being physically weak. He cried Rannvijay says become physically fitter then you will be selected on Roadies Chiranjeevi dances with all the gand leaders before going out. When he was going Harbhajan Singh pressed the buzzer called him back time came for his Googly its on Harbhajan and he sends Chiranjeevi in Karan Kundra’s gang. He came out too much happy jumps with Gaelyn.

After the first 3 auditions episodes of Roadies Rising the Gangs are as follows :

Rannvijay Singha Gang – Samar, Samyuktha Hegde, Aggy Carvalho and Shiv

Prince Narula Gang – Meenal

Karan Kundra Gang – Ankita and Chiranjeevi

Neha Dhupia Gang – Mandeep Singh

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